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Mass Effect Legendary Edition New Character Creator Options Gameplay

The Mass Effect character creator has had some tweaks for the Legendary Edition. Take a look at the new hair and makeup options.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition brings a swathe of graphical and quality of life improvements to Bioware's beloved trilogy. From tweaks to gameplay and improved lighting and textures to a photo mode, there's plenty to be excited about if you're a returning fan or picking up the games for the first time. Additions have also been made to the character creator, which has been unified across all three games, and there's finally a default female Commander Shepard for Mass Effects 1 and 2. The default wasn't finalized until Mass Effect 3.

In the video above, we go through the character customization options for both male and female Commander Shepard, taking a look at the new hairstyles, makeup, and other additions made available for the Legendary Edition.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition launches on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on May 14.