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Mass Effect Andromeda - CES 2017 Gameplay Trailer

Check out this latest gameplay trailer for Mass Effect Andromeda from Nvidia's 2017 CES keynote, featuring a glimpse at upgrades and more of the menu options!


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I enjoyed the last 2 a great deal. I don't judge graphics based on GS videos, that would be idiotic. Hopefully it will have 4k support.

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So...the Graphics seems uglier to my Mass effect 3 with HD modded textures, and with custom anti aliasing on a game that for the last generation console/pc, 5 years old. Could this be the end of Bioware after the horrendously disappointing shitter named Dragonage: Inquisition. Bioware don't seem to improve anymore. I might just pick this game up at the bargain bin, and when all the bugs are ironed out, DLC released, and graphical mods witch custom hi rez textures released on Nexus.

Hashtag Heartbroken :(

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Wait for ad to end, video on low quality, click HD, video restart, watch again ad... video stuck now, need to refresh page, watch ad again...................... FFS GAMESPOT!

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As a fan of ME ... this was kind underwhelming. I was waiting something way more intense or graphical pleasing , the same wow factor i had with Witcher 3 for example. It seems like they are not using a new graphic engine , or wtf is the case here ...i dont get it.

But this is a very small demo so , lets see.

Game doesnt feel as next-gen as it should have been imho as of what weve seen up till now.

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I'm Super hyped for the game, pre ordered it about half a year ago, huge ME fan, can't wait.

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Something is off. I can't put my finger on it but it's not fast paced as Mass Effect 3 combat. Which was damn near perfect.

They really needed to do someting about the melee combat.

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Looks fantastic. Less then 3 months away now. So hyped.

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I sure hope they aren't turning the game into a glorified shooter. It has to have a good story and memorable characters.

One last note, once again the ugliest avatar in any game for a LONG time shows up early on. Please tell me I am not going to have to look at that face for the entire game.

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I'm a huge ME fan. Loved all the games and even read the literature. Don't eat me wrong, I'm very excited for Andromeda but I have to say none of the marketing material they've released so far has gotten me overly eager. I remember watching the trailers for the original and screaming at my computer screen how epic it was. These new ones are just... ok. I'm sure it will be great but I haven't been overly wow'd once yet. Here's to a bright future! Love this series.

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@Dilandau88: "Don't eat me wrong"

Woah, dude. At least buy the comments section dinner first.

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@Mogan: hahaha good catch.

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A promising look into the game but nothing that raises my pulse. Having said that I haven't played a Bioware game that I haven't enjoyed yet (even ME3 with its awful ending was a great game) so I have faith in this being a fabulous experience of action and exploration coupled with an intriguing plot.

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@gotrekfabian: Plot will be how to have a transsexual relationship with a bi sexual alien with both character back drops written and approved by our buddy Anita.

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I really like the idea of going to a different galaxy but it doesn't seem like they let their imagination run wild. It just seems more of the same. There needs to be a top AAA game with more emphasis on exploration rather than "here is a new planet that I can shoot stuff on". Maybe star citizen will have more variety.

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Wow. How many assets from DAI were reused to make this? What a joke.

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So I think I actually want this game to be delayed so that they can finish it properly. We still haven't seen much gameplay really, just some configuration screens.

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let's take off a shoe !

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Not impressed.

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At 0:04 there was either a clipping issue or the new Normandy can now fly through asteroids. Cool!

Avatar image for Pooya1881

@Tomcat2007: Tempest, not Normandy

Avatar image for ariyan-hm

@Tomcat2007: its just camera positioning that makes you think that , you think they would make a mistake this stupid for a big reveal as this

Avatar image for Tomcat2007

@ariyan-hm: actually you may be right. I think the small asteroid in front made it look like part of the ship was temporarily inside the larger asteroid.

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Looks like a lot of the customization options are back !! Would have gotten the game anyway, but now I'm really looking forward to this game.

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a pretty cluttered and rush video...just focus on one feature like combat, don't blast around into skill progression screens.

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looks very stiff

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@Pr0ving4Gr0undz: People tend to be pretty stiff when shooting a gun.

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@Pr0ving4Gr0undz: Yeah it kinda does, I guess.