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Marvel's Luke Cage Season 2 Spoiler Review, Easter Eggs and References!

Luke Cage season 2 follows the Marvel hero in the aftermath of The Defenders. Greg breaks down season 2, dives into the best Easter Eggs and references, and tells you what it all means for season 3. Warning: SPOILERS!

Season 2 of Luke Cage dropped June 22, and we think it's a pretty solid sequel to the first season. Many were skeptical because the other Marvel shows on Netflix have had questionable second seasons, but they did pretty well with this one. Heads up, spoilers for season 2 of Luke Cage to follow.

In this season, Cage takes on some increasingly dangerous crime groups as well as Mariah, Shades, and the new villain Bushmaster. His new challenges force him to confront how far he can go while still being able to call himself a hero. The villain arc in this season was a vast improvement on season one which was not very well paced.

Despite the absence of Mahershala Ali, the cast did a great job this season, with Mustafa Shakir bringing an entirely different villain vibe to the table. Some of our favorite parts were Danny Rand featuring in episode 10 and watching Tilda evolve into Nightshade. There were also loads of references to the comics which were fun to unpack.

If you'd like to hear an in depth account of the easter eggs from season two of Luke Cage, or hear our predictions for season three, check out Greg's video above.