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Marvel’s Daredevil: Season 3 - Bullseye Origin Story Trailer | NYCC 2018

See the origin story of Bullseye in Marvel's Daredevil Season 3, premiering exclusively on Netflix October 19, 2018.

The Hulu Main Stage at this year's New York Comic-Con hosted the cast and creatives behind Daredevil Season 3, and there were some details about the new villain coming to the show.

Wilson Bethal's role was described as "the worst kept secrets in Marvel history," by executive producer Jeff Loeb. Bethal is going to be playing FBI Agent #2, also known as "Pointdexter," but, as fans deduced, he'll eventually become Bullseye.

Bethel said that he was “extremely honored to tell the story of how Benjamin Poindexter becomes Bullseye,” at which point Charlie Cox, who plays Matt Murdock/Daredevil, leaped out of his seat and drew the target logo on Bethel’s forehead.

The footage shown during the panel showed that another villain, Wilson Fisk, will be manipulating Pointdexter to pit him against Daredevil. Fisk, once again portrayed by Vincent D'Onofrio, leverages Pointdexter's troubled career as an FBI agent and, like Bethel and Vincent D’onofrio's offscreen relationship "It's the beginning of a very weird relationship."

Daredevil Season 3 comes to Netflix on October 12.

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I really enjoy your coverage of Marvels netflix shows. This headline sucks. I have been purposely on media blackout so I don't know who or what is in S3 of Daredevil because I am so hype. I knew he would have a good chance of coming to season 3 but I didn't want to know for sure because I am pretty sure that means Karin is dead. This headline really pisses me off and in the first time in years I am tempted to just not come back here. Really really really poor form, and this isn't the first time you guys have just put spoilers in your titles. You guys can't say specific names in titles like this. Just like your article about what Trish would do after S2 of Jessica Jones, as it spoiled any kind of suspense if Trish would die in that season. I am not sure if you guys realize how these things are heavy spoilers to some of your fans (maybe you don't think it is that important or you just don't care) but I really feel this sight would rather get the extra few clicks at times, even at the cost of their very fans enjoyment. Please prove me wrong. Very disappointed in a site that I normally love.

Avatar image for Kesmai

@heidern98: Netflix posted this same trailer on YouTube. In their title they say "Meet Agent Poindexter" and in the description they mention Bullseye Origin. GameSpot knows using Bullseye in the title will produce more clicks. You will need a big crowd of pissed people willing to boycott to make change here. There job is to make money, not protect you from spoilers. Sadly the crowd wanting less spoilers these days is not as big as the ones who don't care.

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@Kesmai: I never follow Netflix for these reasons. I come here for video game news, not to have my Marvel shows spoiled. I would hope that just explaining it to them would help with some issues. You may be right, but I don't think its worth causing an uprising over. I know they are here to make money, but I would think that would also involve listening to your loyal customer fan base. Either way, I am not here to cause problems, just asking for amicable solutions.

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@heidern98: Funny enough they made a completely separate post after this without a spoiler in the title but they didn't delete this post. Too little too late. They make so many redundant posts all for the sake of ads at the cost of their integrity