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"punch me like you punched those children!" personal highlight from that vid, almost fell off my chair with laughter :D

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yes we can...get knocked the f***out

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what game is this and how can i get it?

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oh wait, is this fight night round 4 or 5?

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this isn'a a good game... this is shit... no realism.. bodies moves like shit.. is this 2013 ? or 1999? i mean ... people.. this is fight night round 4!!! 4!!!! and still nothimg.. who buy it? why are they doing it so wrong? !!

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@nabitybuch play the last fightnight game its maybe the best boxing game ever made

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good vid

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Beavis vs Butthead...that would be hilarious.

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"Martin Luther King with a devastating right hook!"

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Good watch! Very funny.

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great vid I found myself laughing a ton of times I hope for another one of these in the months to come!

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gollum, you freakishly tiny weird man.

haha i love it.

i realise that some could find this offensive, but this isn't born out of hate for anyone. it's is just a bit of fun. i mean, gandhi boxing harry potter? hilarious.

this has nothing to do with their real world actions.

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Brilliant from you again Mr O'Dwyer

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I love this.

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That was a great video. Gave me "massive" lol' s!

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Is anyone offended by this ?

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@faizanhd I don't get offended by anything.

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@faizanhd Please don't start!

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Yeah, I'm not really getting the joke of putting one of America's most revered black leaders, one whose driving goal was to achieve equality through non-violence, in an 11-minute video of senseless mockery. And to the poor, deluded soul who thinks this drunken Irish lout is "the best video game journalist on the internet", you really need a dose of Yahtzee Croshaw over at The Escapist. http://www.escapistmagazine.com/videos/view/zero-punctuation

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@ruby0262 I think they're both equally good. Danny is better at humor, while Yahtzee is better at his animations which really add to his reviews

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@ruby0262 Yeah it would have been funnier if it was Jesse Jackson vs Al Sharpton, or James Earl Ray vs MLK.

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@ruby0262 Well I agree with Yahtzee on Half-Life and I LOVE how he shows Mass Effect for what it is... a repetitive cover shooter.But otherwise all he does is slander games instead of proving a point.Oh yeah I love he's call of duty reviews as well.That's how you hate on call of duty !

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Harry Potter head butting, that's hilarious.

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I couldn't keep laughing when it was MLK vs. Hulk. I woke my brother up.

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@NTM23 If I had a brother I would wake him up all the time.

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Wait, was Fight Night Round 4 the last boxing game to come out? My friend bought me that for my birthday one year (I guess when I turned 19), and while I liked it, I didn't really play it much. I will say my favorite thing in it is creating a really powerful, big muscular character and just putting him up to the weakest guys and watch him beat them down with a few punches as you see their body flop around as they go down. It's hilarious and well worth seeing. The best is when you have them up against the ropes and they clip onto it, or when they're about to go down and you just keep getting quick jabs in on them.

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@NTM23 fight night 5 is called fight night champion. it has an interesting story mode.

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This is a good, funny video.

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Danny is just amazing, definitely the best video game journalist on the internet.
They should make a show just filming his life, like the Truman show. I would watch the shit out of that

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Violent video games are available in just about every industrialized nation in the world and they don't seem to have the same problems as the U.S. Maybe its the fact the we live in highly militarized society (not unlike Rome) that fetishizes warfare and weapons. The real gun violence in America goes on in the inner cites every day and night. Recently there has been a spate of seemingly normal individuals who also happen to be young white males going on killing sprees attacking the most vulnerable targets. All of a sudden politicians and tv talking heads starting waxing about pop culture being the cause for gun violence in American when the overwhelming majority of shooting deaths occur in the poorest communities where the victims are prolific and easy for officials to ignore because they wield no economic power. It seems only be when a madman goes crazy in an affluent neighborhood that the public and airtime hungry politicians takes notice.

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wow i may have to get me some fight night round 4, so how easy is it to make custom faces like that, can i make me

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Goodness gracious... So many commenters here really can't take a joke. This isn't meant as an offense to the man, it's purely out of poking fun, and anyone who's actually read what the man said knows he had a fantastic sense of humor.

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pure awesomeness

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@dannyodwyer "... every single day, after works, I sit down, play some games, ..."

How about record yourself and the game (just like this video) on every your game session, and make a new series just like what people do in Youtube with the "Let's Play" series. It can be playing random games, or specific games from start to finish.

That surely gonna be entertaining.

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@tandukbadak I can't tell if your trolling or not. We started last week: http://uk.gamespot.com/shows/random-encounter/

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@dannyodwyer @tandukbadak I mostly read/watch review and game-related news, so I didn't realize that. My bad, sorry.

This video caught my interest because of the title.

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@dannyodwyer @tandukbadak I mostly read/watch review and game-related news, so I didn't realize that. My bad, sorry.

This video caught my interest because of the title.

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Got to laugh at the people who are showing such indignation and find offence at a computer generated representation of a deceased individual being depicted in an unrealistic boxing contest.

They are expounding the greatness of MLK junior, but then scorn and deride an expression of the principles he stood for, i.e. a free and equal society where all people are allowed to express themselves (vote, sit where they want on a bus, attend any school they wish to, play a game and post a video of it on the internet). Let me assure you, he did NOT campaign for the eradication of computer game violence, as many of you are suggesting in your Reductio ad Absurdum arguements.

I think these people need to take a look at the extreme over-reaction of zealous Muslims, who recently rioted over the video of Muhammad, and ask how their own perceived effrontery and subsequent outrage is any different!

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@Markosul Turely a foolish comment when you talk about it in the tect of boxing video game's!

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I was to busy reading the comments to actually watch the video. Some people are to sensitive. I guess instead of celebrating him in a boxing game, we should just do nothing. Like MLK would be glad to see what his legacy led to, right Cosby?