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How the hell did you even manage to recreate all these people LOL

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@Iranazi Can't take the credit, you can download other people's creations. There are loads of others I didn't get around to.

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@dannyodwyer Ahh okay, fair enough, nonetheless, they're quite impressive, this feature alone makes me want the game

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Would have liked to see Martin Luther fight Hoover but Obama's just as appropriate.

Amazing video. :)

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@raphaelcoelho15 that does nothing. security professionals have ways around that

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its very offensive to see martin luther king in the ring...a great man of peace...whats next ghandi....have some respect i say

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@russilini Yea he fights Harry Potter around 8:40

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@dannyodwyer @russilini

HAHAHA. Looks like Danny had the prescience to forestall that argument by just going all out on the pacifist turn pugilist characters from the get-go! OWNED!!

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@dannyodwyer @russilini

I want to see Ghandi Vs Edward Norton.

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@dannyodwyer @russilini lmao!

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@buccomatic @dannyodwyer @russilini Ghandi vs G.W. Bush..... that would be an epic match.

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the winner of Obama vs Michael King.. the winner gets to lead the american communist party

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Celebrating MLK day with Harry Potte and Gollum seems pretty dumb. This is just a dumb video. Not in abad way, but saying this has anything to do with MLK is a bit... crass?

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For chrissakes, Ali was (probably) the greatest HW of all time, he damn sure was not the greatest boxer of all time. Probably wouldn't even make it on an all time top 10 list, pound for pound.

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Gollum and Jackson look spot on...

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What happened to Random encounter? Also Danny seems like the guy who just hangs around the GS offices making random videos he thought of the night before while perhaps intoxicated. Not neccessarily a bad thing though.

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@KingofCabal Random Encounter still happens everyday, this is another thing I do in the evening on Twitch. And yea that's a pretty good summary of the idea process.

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I would have liked to have seen John McClain vs. Hans Gruber.

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Why weren't you on feedbackula? Come back friday.