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Magic: Legends - Exclusive Gear And Loot System Breakdown Video

In this GameSpot exclusive, developer Cryptic Studios explains Magic: Legends' new gear system and how you'll collect special loot from quests and customize your characters.

GameSpot has an exclusive video that showcases an in-depth look at the loot and gear system for Magic: Legends, a new action RPG set in a fantasy universe inspired by the popular Magic The Gathering card game. Blending strategic deck-building with class-based action-RPG combat, Magic: Legends incorporates the many tenets of high-fantasy action into a new game coming from developers Cryptic Studios and Perfect Worlds.

Just ahead of its open beta launching on March 23 for PC, the developers offered insight into the different approach Magic: Legends' takes to collecting loot, and how it aims to make the grind stress-free for players. In this video, Cryptic Studios design lead Adam Hetenyi explains how the new gear system came to be. Following the round of alpha tests, the developers responded to fan feedback and incorporated a new loot and gear system to complement the existing deck-building and action-RPG combat.

"Through our closed alpha test in 2020, we gathered a lot of player feedback that [noted] while our spell and artifact systems were an interesting approach to player progression in the Magic multiverse, these features couldn't fully replace a gear system in an action-RPG," stated Hetenyi. "So we took another pass at our itemization to develop a gear system that makes defeating enemies and completing missions that much more rewarding, without avoiding overbearing loot drops and inventory management."

Before this update, Magic: Legends leaned heavily into its suite of cards that added new skills and modified the abilities for each class, along with a set of relics that added buffs and changes as well. The inclusion of a new gear system adds in a layer of customization and refinement for each of these playable characters. In addition to the deck-building system, you can now add six different gear types to your character, which amplifies their stats, skills, and attributes. While the loot doesn't flow as common as in other action-RPG games, Magic: Legends players will be able to acquire these pieces of loot from completing quests or by slaying elite foes tied to key missions.

For more on Magic: Legends, be sure to check back with GameSpot for more updates. If you're also looking to jump into the open beta starting on March 23, or if you want to know more about how equipment works, check out the game's official website at