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24th of September?!

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I cant look at this without comparing it to similar games... But those games happen to be awesome so i cant really complain.

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This looks good. I played the demo on my PC and it was fun. I can see this game getting an 8 to an 8.5. It has a GTA feeling to it.(I haven't played the first one, but I am considering it based on the demo I played for Mafia II) I know all Godfather (the genre) fans will enjoy this. Even in the briefness of the demo, the voice acting seemed superb.

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PS3 demo was weak. It took how long for this?

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played through the demo a couple of times, and i can honestly say this game has so many things wrong with it. The camera is too close to your character, the driving...basically a car shouldn't slide that much when going 40(no handbrake). A lousy, half-assed cover system, a feeling that your constantly reloading, enemies are still able to take cover behind already destructed environments(column corners), and to top it of....there are only four system settings you can change. I could go on and on.

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Great demo. Very excited.

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so is this game is free roam or the mission to mission type cuse its matter to me if its not free roam or whats the use of the 10 mile map and the sharp texture plz ansower and sorry for the english

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@ Cloud-Zehro, Ya, yur probably right... I see game demo's like that for my iPhone sometimes where you see a cut scene of some play action and they are crashing all over the place on purpose to show what happens when you do that. Thanks for the insight!

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@unreal2700 look at the release date it says aug 24, 2010

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Look at all this spam under the video *vomits*

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@ikill4fun2 Man, I couldn't have said it better, myself. I just didn't feel the same vibe that I got from the original. Even the original's demo got me pumped up. Not saying this one was bad, but it just wasn't what I expected. I love realism. I set the driving to "simulation", but it was terrible. And thegrimreaper7 already mentioned this, but I too wish there was some more gore. Maybe not quite to the extreme of SoF, but this isn't Disney's playhouse either so lets bump it up a notch.

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I still can't get it...Why don't they make bullet holes on enemies?...It takes away all the realism in the game...All games should have a dismembering sistem or at least enemies should get marks on their bodies...He blew up a guys torso with a shotgun and he didn't even get a scratch...it's dissapointing, not only for this game but every shooter that came out since last year...Why can't they make them like soldier of fortune? that was realistic...Parental control my ass

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well it's good

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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while i liked the demo,it was kind of meh, i mean too many cops, cars act like in a simulation when driving is set on normal(you can change this in the options), and what's with the giant crosshair it's all over the screen and its too zoomed in. hope they fix these problems cause i really liked the demo :) oh yeah i played the pc demo, the xbox one might be better(better driving) by the looks of the clip

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soligerboy you can't find it because the demo is reserved for Playstation Plus members only!

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has this demo come out in canada yet?

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the demo was amazing gonna buy this

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the english ps store doesn't have the demo out yet! WHY?!

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The dude says it's coming out on 24 september! WTF man?!?

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played the demo today...frustrating ending lol i can't wait to pick up my reserved copy of the game to see what happens. i was pleased with everything except the camera (indoors it is too close to vito. in the elevator, all you can see is vito's hair.) vito himself (i think he moves too twitchy and without weight.) and the crosshairs.

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I found the demo on PSN its under "Playstation Plus" which you have to pay for subscription? what bull!

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I downloaded on Steam and looks like a good game. But i also was kinda hoping it was more open world since the guy said it was not going to be too much open world or whatever he said but i enjoyed the demo and it seems like my kind of game regardless open world or not.

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The fact that he said it isn't an open world game means that i won't be playing this game. It isn't mafia then IMO and yes i played the original game many moons ago... Just playing linear style missions just to complete the next task seems boring to me. But i hope i'm wrong about this game hehe.

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Will there be a time limit in every mission?

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Kool but i dont like the crosshairs of the guns in this game. they should just put a small dot

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PS THE DEMP IS OUT ON PSN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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whare you find the mazines?

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about my previous comment i just look at the magazines because i thought there would be a reward if you found them and believe me its some reward

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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havent played the demo, but i heard you can run out of fuel, is it true?

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Yeah i also played the demo and wasnt that impressed, the driving is terrible each car handles like a semi trailer, the combat seems repetitive and even though its 2010 dead bodies still disappear after 60secs of being killed and everything else comes off very arcade like. With that being said though im sure the story/plot will be interesting and the graphics arent that bad either but with the gameplay failing to impress this wont live up to the original.

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He said Mafia 2 isn't really open world? WtF, that's not what I want to hear. Personally not encouraging, not what i wanted to hear.

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Dont know im on XBOX Live :D

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even i don't find it on PSN...!!!!!!!! hw can i get the demo......?????

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Some one plz tell me

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How do you get the demo its not on psn yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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I played DEMO but i must see more. Mafia 1 was beater for me. BTW im getting this one for shore.

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I need to check out the demo. I think I will get the game anyway, not sure yet..

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looks great. exactly how it should be. cant wait to play the demo

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but it is optional check the magazines

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@phv86 stop spamming the comments!

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Just got the demo, and they're right: it does look amazing. But in both the driving and shooting (maybe fist fighting, haven't tried) part of the game it far from perfect. It simply doesn't have the fast and smooth but rather clumsy, and the cars just don't feel that good. Now i'm a huge fan of the gta games, and i cannot count the days that I've been driving around in those games, so perhaps it's all just about getting used to it? I don't know, but as every gamer knows, a good game is not made by story or graphic, but mostly by gameplay. Try the game out yourself and find out what you think yourself .

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you cant make a good game with only good story and good graphics are you making f..ing heavy rain!?!?! GAMEPLAY GAMEPLAY GAMEPLAY!

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gameplay f..ing suck

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the driving sucks. the shooting sucks, the fist fights suck

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good graphics in cut scenes who the F cares?? they have completely wrong focus in this game, cant belive i been looking forward to this game for 1 year, it blows sry, i will definatly wait for torrent for this crap

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i am very very disapointed with mafia 2 demo, its not good... tbogt is better than both red dead and mafia 2, and i have all games(mafia i judge only based on demo) im hoping full version will be better but it doesnt look good, mafia 1 i liked alot, but thats like 10 years ago