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Here's hoping this is actually a DECENT Lost Planet title. Played the original Lost Planet on PC. I thought the graphics and sound design were good, and it had its "Holy crap!" moments, but overall, it left me wanting more.

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you see this game faces the same problem tomb raider has.it one thing to copy elements from another which is okay but to look,feel and play like another game is just down right pathetic,and this game just looks like dead space 3 i mean the music,the lightning,his amour,the environment all dead space.

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Yep. I'm almost finished with Uncharted 3, and my thought is, there is NO WAY that Tomb Raider could be remotely as good.

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uncharted 3 is a masterpiece !!!!!!!!!!

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Heck yeah! Just finished it last night :), and I have to agree! The first one is great, the second amazing, the third, SPECTACULAR! Maybe even the best game I've ever played (sorry Halo, haha).

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meh been there done that

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now that looks like a big change from the 1st iteration - just looks like many other shooters

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@Jimmyw98 Or Total Recall. Both the 80's original and the recent remake, which isn't too bad. See it if you haven't. You'll know what I mean. Also kinda reminds me of Red Faction too.

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Woo hoo! Already preordered!

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I think this is a good trailer, and I just hope the gameplay can match it. Please don't be a buggy mess.

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Space Eskimos!

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Cover of the game reminds me of Dead Space 3

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@Bhemont only the insides of this one will be way cooler