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Nah its more rigid and single. Would have been great if more reaction from the main character would've captured. I guess so.

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The guy who control video switch need to be fired

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Spark Unlimited have yet to convince me that they can make halfway decent games. The Lost Planet series has yet to convince me that it has any merit beyond looking pretty. This game looks neither decent nor pretty.

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The scoop is this game looks like poop.

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I keep wondering why is it tht these camera guys think i need to continually see the faces of the persons who are talking in order to hear them. Show me the game dammit

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i liked second one but I have not played first game and i can tell nothing which one was better,and Lp3 looks much better than 2,atmosphere is better and i liked new hand bombs ...

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I wish the rig had windshield wipers to wipe away the akrid goo instead of it just disappearing

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Ugh.. i hate "Shoot the weakspot" fighting

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@okami5436 everything in every shooting game has a "weakspot" AKA headshot!!

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I don't get all the hate for LP 2...I thought it was fun as hell. The first one got me into the series but it did not even compare to the 2nd.

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Well the reason I don't like it is because...it felt like a very thin half assed game. overall not good.

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@DrBillyBoy Nope

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for the third time I will say CRAP

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Playing in the machine looks improved making this a grab and play moment.

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I saw two major issues with LP2: Lag with too many enemies and a horribly fragmented story. If they can maintain the same level of gameplay while fixing those things, this could be a great game. Definitely going on my watch list.

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Stalagmites: (they rise "mightily" from the ground).

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Well using Unreal Engine means the game is going to have less enemies on screen just an upgrade in graphics. Lost Planet 2 MT Framework was great tons of enemies and things going on. Plus the bosses were huge I don't get why developers think the Unreal Engine is great its only meant for graphics the gameplay always suffer for it.

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Looks good. I kinda liked the new character, he has som good facial expressions.

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I bloody love how this one is shaping up. Lost Planet is still one of my favorite games while I pretty much avoided LP2. I'm with the guy who said he wants to play this as soon as possible.

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looks like will be mutch better than the 2

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Looks better than I thought it would. Never played the first game, disliked the demo for the second, but this looks alright.

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I wonder why they dropped MTFramework.

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I loved Lost Plaent 1 and was VERY disappointed with Lost Planet 2. Hopefully they get it right again with this one.

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I am down for this :D

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Funny how Lost Planet 3 and Dead Space are borrowing from each other. I never liked the Lost Planet games, played them both, but LP1 was clearly the better game of the two (LP1 and LP2). Now, Dead Space 3 looks very disappointing, this coming from someone who is a big fan of the Dead Space Universe. For them to be oddly compared in their third iteration, is UPSETTING. I don't want Dead Space being compared to Lost Planet. Dead Space is a much better game, and in a league of its own.

I don't know what you guys are seeing in Lost Planet 3. It looks terrible. The animations and controls looks the same. Same clunky, awkward controls and animations. Gameplay that looks very arcade-y. There's nothing here or in this series that draws me in... and for Dead Space (Visceral Games) to draw inspiration from Lost Planet? Very depressing feeling just came over me.

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This one will be better than previous Lost Planet.

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@YaviHero It would struggle to be worse than LP2!

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Lost Planet 1 and 2 were both fun for me but LP1 is the better of the two in my opinion. I really wanted to know what even happened to Wayne Holden. Yeah, the LP1 characters aren't that memorable but they kind of drew me in.

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I loved the first one but hated the second. It felt like I was playing on multiplayer maps with bots in the campaign. 3 looks a lot better.

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LP2 was one the best, funniest and most endearing co-op games I've ever played. I'm sad at how much they've done to change the entire game wholesale. It looks like a better game. I'm not naive enough to pretend it isn't a way better game, but there was something magical about how ridiculous LP2 was. I wish more people had the kind of experience I had with LP2 instead of the extremely poor one many seem to have had, because the kinds of improvements they've made in LP3 combined with the absolute insanity of LP2 would have made for an amazing game. As it stands, I have no interest in what they're doing here.

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I'm happy they are bringing back a singular protagonist for this one.

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I like.

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2 was better

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Already lookin' better than 2!

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The first one was amazing - the 2nd, not so much. Since this one is going back to it's roots, we could possibly have a good game here again. I liked the demo so this will be on my radar.

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I like how these guys look like your nerdy live-in-their-mother's-basement kind of dudes--but we make cool games.

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Looks kind of boring and bland. Nothing exciting about this gameplay at all. Mech looks boring. The Level is to blue. Slow pace. No thanks.

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Not too sure about graphics of character, but environment looks awesome along with the game in general, can't wait.

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Not bad.

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It looks awesome :)

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The pacing isn't the only thing that looks to have taken a step back.. The Graphics for Lost Planet games have always been amazing. Lost Planet 1 blew my mind graphically. This looks generic.

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Well if it as good as the last two games combined it should turn out to be an almost unplayable POS.

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lost planet 1 is a great game.......... number 2 is trash.

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@DemannameD thats to much credit

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How has this game survived.