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Lost In Random: How The Dark Fairy Tale Came To Life | Play For All 2021

Lost In Random takes developer Zoinks' signature dark and fantastical aesthetic and inflates it into a big-budget AAA action-adventure.

Lost In Random is the latest game from Zoink Games, a creative and artistically driven studio responsible for Fe, Ghost Giant, Flipping Death, and Stick It To The Man. Lost In Random is an action-adventure in a dark fantasy world, with a hand-crafted, stop motion-like aesthetic.

GameSpot's Kurt Indovina sat down and chatted with Lost In Random's game and art director Olov Redmalm and head of development Klaus Lyngeled.

In the above video, Redmalm talks about the creative process in designing the world of Random, and the importance of embracing imaginative and unconventional ideas and forming them within the game's fantastical world. Klaus, on the other hand, talks Zoinks' studio philosophy, the importance of art and story, and how it went from working with pixel art to Lost In Random--a big-budget AAA game. Lost In Random is the second Zoink game to be published as an EA Original, the first being Fe.

Lost In Random is expected to release in 2021 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.