Loot Crates Have Finally Gone Too Far - The Lobby

The crew discusses microtransactions and how a few recent game releases may be pushing the envelope too far.

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I was thinking of getting this game, but (unless it changes a lot in the final product) their horrible implementation of loot boxes, made me not want this. But even if I don't get this it will make no difference, because some people will spend hundreds of dollars so EA will think this is a good idea moving forward.

I wonder how screwed up Anthem will be in a few years when it comes out.

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It's cliché at this point to even say how broken and disingenuous and disrespectful and greedy and biased and selfish and unpopular and disappointing and unfair this is.

If you like gaming, EA is destroying gaming. It's up to you what you want to do with that information.

Money is power, and we need to be careful about who we give our power to.

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The crates are immediately unacceptable if they don't yield just cosmetic things.