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Locking Villagers In Cages In Animal Crossing: New Horizons - The Vile Villager Episode 3

On this episode of The Vile VIllager, Rob and Jake round up their villagers, trap them behind fences, and craft a maze riddled with Pitfall's for them to navigate.

The Vile Villager has returned, and this time they won't be satisfied with simply toying with their animal neighbors. This time, they want to lock their animal "friends" into cages. Because that's a perfectly normal thing a sane person would do in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

In the video above, Rob Handlery and Jake Dekker continue their villainous undertaking to craft the most vile villager they can. Not content with simply rounding everyone up, the two decide to go a step further and turn their victims' prison into an elaborate maze that's riddled with pitfalls. It looks exactly as diabolical as it sounds.

There's plenty of other activities to do in New Horizons if you don't want to be mean to your neighbors. The game's latest limited-time event has begun, attracting the flower bush-selling Leif to your island. He's not the only new visitor either, as Redd has returned from previous games in order to sell you some new art. Take advantage of both sellers to pretty up your island--you never know when you might need to host a celebrity who wants to take advantage of your turnip prices.