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Anyone noticed that every single unit in this game is completely composed of lefties?

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Sucky trailer music. It doesn't match the gameplay.

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Music GREAT--Game probably GREAT-especially if it is like Total War series !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just bought it !!!!!!!!! P.S. Total War should get out of Orient for future games --military jargon for infantry etc. pain to learn vs. Western terms like cavalry etc. which we know or should if we like war games. Jim

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it looks pretty good i guess buh dont think it'll beat the up coming shogun 2

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Joan of Arc was a pious peasant girl. She never killed anyone, she only led men and she wore mens armor, not whatever the heck that was. I know its a game, but she looked pretty rediculous.

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The game is looking really good :)

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Mmm.. Doesnt look too good imo.

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this looks utter dirt

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i smell medieval total war 2 spoof....imma pass

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the music doens't fit with the game.

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is it only me or is gamespot like a half year behind