Lighting Showcase - Arma 3 Trailer

New lighting features are showcased in this trailer for Arma 3.

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It's already available on STEAM...

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can i purchase it early?

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This is perhaps my most awaited game ever.

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please make the AI better than last time!!!

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This will be most strongly shooter this year, at least I hope :))))

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I hope they will make a DayZ mod for this game too.

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ARMA graphics have always been fatally seductive, but the gameplay in past installments has been buggy and glitchy as hell.

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They REALLY should make a Mac version. I know that is a crap ton of work but it would be worth it :/

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@Piapb bootcamp ;)

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Loving the realistic sound delay for distant explosions.

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I hope my 6850 / i5 2500 will handle this, at least at 1280x1024 with those settings

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@Collins0262 I hope my Pentium III / Windows 98 can handle this.

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@kengi_ikazuchi that beast of yours can handle anything anytime ;D

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bi'watch dogs etkisi yaratamadı hala kimse ...

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Wow! This game has grown by leaps and bounds. Following this one for sure.

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WoW....the only game that ever made me think about buying a PC game

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You can't kill the cops?Too bad.

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@hitechgraphs **** off jackass. Have some respect for people that put their life on the line to protect you. If you have problems with police than obviously you don't like that they have discretion above you. If you're not a dumb shit you wont get in trouble with them.

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@IrishSweenz1790 @hitechgraphs

umadbro? haha ya u are

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is this ewan mcgregor?

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ARMA III = Dayz mod 2 FYeah

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@ccdamon ARMA III engine for Day Z mod 2 > War Inc.'s War Z

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The DayZ mod for Arma II: OA is going to be it's own stand alone game. @ccdamon

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nice lighting effects

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never trust the trailer...................

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Τρομάρα όλα τα ARMA ΠΑΙΧΝΊΔΙΑ

και ωραία γραφικά περιμένω για arma 3 για σύγκριση με προηγούμενα

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All the ARMA games run terrible. Hopefully the engine will be a bit cleaner this time around. Sadly there's not enough realistic military shooters left on the market. This is the only true military shooter left. Battlefield and CoD ain't even close. They're arcade games in comparison.

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@Taffelost Sadly Battlefield leaned toward CoD's arcade style as it progressed. Frostbite 2 engine would be great for a game like Arma.

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@Taffelost I must say that I got turn away from previous ARMA games mostly because of complains I heard from others that it is difficult to run the game smoothly. Having only a moderate PC myself, I am worried about wasting my money on an unplayable game, which is a shame I must say, because this game as it is, looks pretty good.

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@hinkwokching It depends on how goodlooking you want it to have. But yeah in general it takes a good machine to run the Arma games. You can however test the game. They launched a free version of Arma 2, you can only play the multiplayer and no mod support but that way you can check if your computer runs the game :)

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@Gelugon_baat It's better optimized than Arma II and will have very similar requirements. Source: Bohemia

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Actually, scratch that because I remember reading from the "developer diaries" that this is better optimized than Arma II and if you can play that, than you will be just fine.

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haha damnit.. I better not have to x-fire my new 7970!!

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*Coffee shot out of nose and throws money at monitor.*

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@theHydra014 hahaha lol you made my day

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Is Ewen McGregor narrating this?

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I love the idea of the ARMA series, its a pretty awesome concept for a game; a realistic sandbox military simulator, what's not to love!

Its just every time I play an ARMA game, a multitude of bugs ruin the experience for me, and I never really enjoy the games, just end up getting frustrated at them!

If you're listening Bohemia, please try and iron out the wrinkles this time, and I'm sure this game will be terrific!

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This is going to take an absolute *beast* of a PC to run. I'm not even going to try.

This guy has such a relaxing voice though.

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@naryanrobinson If you can play Arma II, than you can play this easily. The developers have said it's better optimized than Arma II and will be VERY similar requirements.

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This game looks awesome. I've always been looking at the Arma series for afar and I'd like to see more from this one.

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Still looks awesome, and a ARMA3 Day Z would be SWEEEET

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How did the bullets travel so far underwater and remain lethal? Seems to defy physics

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@UniversalPie So true. Mythbusters did an experiment that had them shoot literally the highest-powered long range guns into a pool and the bullet broke up and lost velocity after something ridiculous like 28 inches.

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@UniversalPie I thought the same thing and was wondering if he used some sort of spear gun

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arma 3 day z mod yes?

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looking incredible

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This is fantastic. Keep it up guys!

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Looks good, good thing i'm upgrating my rig now..

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