Let's Kill All Our Friends In Mass Effect - The Saddest Party On The Citadel Episode 1

Welcome to the Saddest Mass Effect Playthough ever. We are going to kill off every Squad Member possible, in the WORST WAY possible so we can throw the worst party at the end of Mass Effect 3’s Citadel DLC.

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You make enough money GS. I won't disable ad block for anyone

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I just came to say the the character's face in the thumbnail is exceptionally creepy and I hate it.

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You guys are assholes for requiring ad programs to be turned off to watch your videos @GameSpot

That's a choice we make, not you. You've lost a viewer.

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Video player done broke.

Make better content that isn't click-bait and I'll happily turn off ad-block.

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Gamespot wants me to remove Ad-Block so I can watch their videos. LOL, keep dreaming GS...

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Nice knowing you gamespot. My adblocker, which didn't even block your ads anyway, now disables ya player. Not whitelisting the likes of eddie make-a-clickbait

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Don't you 'lose' the game if all of your squad members die during the suicide mission?

I assume you're planning to save someone.

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@Starshine_M2A2: Correct! We are strategically leaving some of our squad alive so we can kill them in 3.

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@ledzeppdekk: Ok. Kill Samara first. She's the most useless. Oh and be sure to send Thane into the air vents.

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@Starshine_M2A2: We are actually planning on leaving Samara alive because she has a pretty messed up death in ME3. Thane should die in the next episode though.


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@ledzeppdekk: Fair enough. Although you do get to kill off Samara and replace her with her psychotic nymphomaniac daughter. Which I thought was an ingenious idea only equalled by the frustration of it not being followed up on in 3.

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I can never do this.
Every time I try to be mean to all of the friends you can get, I end up being nice instead.

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@vilified_signals: Yep, same. I've tried making several opposing characters to my strictly paragon Shepard in the ME games because I thought it might be funny to be an ass and see the differences, but I just couldn't take it and always went back to my paragon Shepard.

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@vilified_signals: We feel like terrible people for playing this way...

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Wasn't the X at the end on EDI supposed to be on Ashley?

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Giving Legion to Cerberus doesn't kill him, it turns out in ME3 in Cerberus base as an unique enemy.

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Cool start to a series, so much dialogue I've never seen. I've always said screw those people burning to death (with all their screams), I want Zaeed's loyalty.

The bad thing is there are no good new characters in ME3, just those carried over from ME2, so you don't want to lose any of them.

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@nibbin1191: Yeah I liked Vega but he had no story to work with, pretty thin character.