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Legion: Season 2's Most Mind-Bending Moments

The second season of Legion was a trip. Greg shares the top mind-bending moments of David Haller's story including his fight with Amahl Farouk, alternate timelines of Davids and much more.

In order to wrap up Legion's second season, we thought we'd look at some of the craziest, trippiest, most mind-bending moments from Legion season two.

Easily one of the craziest moments from this season was Lenny's body transfer. Farouk transferred Lenny's mind into another body, which is crazy on its own without mentioning all the questions it brings up around Farouk's powers and motivations. Sadly, this was also one of the most heartbreaking moments, as it meant the end for David's beloved sister Amy.

One of the elements that made this season super trippy was all of David's timelines. The show was delving into the multiple worlds theory, which states that every action we take creates another dimension in which we made a different choice. In that spirit, we were introduced to several iterations of David in Chapter 14.

This one is less of a crazy moment and more of just a super cool thing that they did; we loved Jon Hamm's voice-over lectures in the show. It was a controversial choice to just have Jon Hamm talk about stuff and not actually feature in the show, but we really enjoyed it, particularly in Chapter 15.

If you'd like to hear more details, including the top two crazy moments from this season of Legion, check out Greg's video above.