Left 4 Dead 2 The Passing DLC Demo

Shaun McInnis shows us The Passing DLC for Left 4 Dead 2 at X10.

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awesome. i luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurv left 4 dead, and left 4 dead 2. but the first 1 had betta characters, and the 2nd 1 better gamplay. now both of them together...SWEET!

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I hope you can play as Bill

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lol i sure do hope you can play as them i loved the old characters

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yes! now i can hear francis say "i hate southen vampires"

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Of course L4D1's characters were better. What can you expect from an expansion sold and marketed as a sequel! One day, it's gonna come and bite you in the ***, Valve.

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Well, L4D2 characters suck big time. Bill, Francis, Zoey and Louis FTW! =)

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the passing sounds interesting, almost a full 'champaign' if i heard him right 2 newer weapons and the survivors from dr1, along with fallen survivors... for a minute there i thought they were going to be like psychopaths like in dead rising, but i guess not...

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CANT F**KIN WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!

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It looks awesome, though I hope its not 10 bucks+ (which it probably will be). Sometimes I wish developers would wait and release more of this on the original game.

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The additions shown here look lackluster. I mean am I really supposed to be excited about the addition of a golf club? The heavy machine gun looks ok, but nothing worth spending money on. *Braces for thumbs down*

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This game rocks!

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So cool game!

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Plays the game and talks about the game as if he isn't. Shaun you one hell of a talking head! 10 of 10 good job!!!

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@ Se7en18sHiNoBi you buy the game complete. DLC is add-on. If you enjoy the game enough, you'll spend 5 bucks (crash course was around that price) to get more of what you love. quit crying!

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awesome. hopefully this will come with a scavenge map or two.

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Looking forward to this, can't wait to see the old survivors again!

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cant wait for some footage/pics of the originals survivors in l4d2 to come out. im kind of disappointed they weren't going to use this as an opportunity for an 8 player option and 8 vs 8 versus mode. o well i guess, u cant get everything. and new dialog for machinimas is awesome. if there is one thing l4d and l4d2 are good for beside having a great time is dialog and gr8 characters.

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Price doesnt matter much for me because i bought this game for $35 new after 1 month of release from amazon.

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looks good hopefully this will be the first of many l4d2 dlc

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everyday these A#@holes come out with DLC,which are never free.basically when u buy a game its not the full game even though u pay the full price.whatever happened to the old days of GAMEING.i hate microsoft and their way of marketing.

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They pretty much slapped Hard Rain and The Parish together.. whooohoo.. Not to mention they pretty much nerfed the game to death with their latest patch.. Any scrub can jump in and get lucky now. Completely ruined the versus experience.

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I have a strong feeling we will be able to play as zoey,francis, bill and louis with the purchase of this DLC like play as them in the main campaign or in verses mode or something I mean idk how many times the fans demanded it and Valve never dissapoints they always work hard at their games

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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he kind spoiled the dlc story some

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Doesn't Valve should be working also on a half life episode 3???....

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That heavy machine gun looks sweet. I wish they'd put in a .50 cal Barrett sniper rifle sometime

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wait a mo it all sounds cool but the new uncommon common sound weird :/ wtf is up with them im gnna watch again lol

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aw the originals are only there to talk to you. i want to play bill again. and the reason they haven't thought of a price yet for the dlc is because they don't want to sell it in the first place. DLC affected sales of TF2 for the 360 as the PC version was all free.

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@LazyGamerX Valve supports pc gaming more then console gaming so yes this will be released for the pc!!!

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Is this coming out for the PC as well? Probably get this for the sole reason of just getting to see the original 4 in l4d2.

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ha ha - leave the witch alone!

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@DamacosG Get a decent Gaming PC. @Tekknight Get a PS3. @Myself Repair x360 with a towel. LOL

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Ha! Shot that witch right in the face for no reason. Yeah I know, it's hard gaming and holding a seperate convo at the same time! @sammysalsa, its's Francis who hates everything. @DamacosG, gotta blame Valve for that. I only own an Xbox360 and I LOVE L4D2. Still everything has its strong points. Please Enjoy Uncharted 1&2 for me as well as Demon's Souls and MGS4.

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i think he means bill who hates everything...

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I wonder if the original quartet are playable.

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dam i hate ps3 for not making a good zombie game like this one

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looks awesome can't wait , i wish they added maybe 2 more campaigns, i know once i beat it the happiness will be over for.