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Leaker Reveals GTA 6's Release Date Target | GameSpot News

GTA 6's release date is a ways out, and new games coming to Xbox Game Pass in 2023.

We might finally have some understanding of when to expect Grand Theft Auto 6, and if you thought it was going to hit around the ten year anniversary of GTA 5 this September, think again.

According to reputable GTA leaker Tez2, the long awaited game is aiming for a holiday 2024 launch. However, they claim that the goal for releasing the game has been shifted several times in the last few years, and that it wouldn’t be a surprise if the game were to be delayed further into 2025.

Tez2 also speculates that content intended for the main game could be cut for DLC down the line in order to get the game out earlier. If this were to happen, it would be a big departure from Rockstar’s rollout of GTA 5, which saw and continues to see additional content being added to its online multiplayer, but saw zero new single player content after releasing nearly 10 years ago.

According to the outlet Insider Gaming, this information is inline with what it has heard, with both it and Tez2 believing that it is highly likely Rockstart will provide the official first information regarding the project before the end of the year.

Insider Gaming goes on to say its sources share that part of the reason for such a long wait has to do with the fact that GTA 6 will only launch on current hardware IE PS5 and Xbox Series X and S consoles. In order to be the massive hit that parent company Take Two is looking for, it wants to make sure the install base for those systems is in a position to accommodate tens of millions of units.

For some context, GTA 5 launched on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 literal months before the release of PS4 and Xbox One, meaning the install base for both those consoles was pretty much set in stone. GTA 5 would then go on to rerelease on the then next gen hardware a year later. Since then, it has become the second best selling game of all time behind Minecraft.

In contrast, the series’ prior entry, GTA 4, which released early in the PS3 and Xbox 360 lifecycle, moved around a seventh of the units GTA 5 did and continues to do. In fact, it sold even less than its predecessor, GTA San Andreas, which released on the PS2 and original Xbox at the tail end of their lifecycles.

In short, Take Two is looking to ultimately have GTA 6 be more of a GTA 5 than a GTA 4 in terms of sales, and if there’s more hardware in consumers’ hands at the time of launch, that is an easier task to accomplish.

Of course, what could throw a wrench in the works when it comes to the sales of GTA 6 is if it were to launch on Xbox Game Pass, but let’s be honest, the only chance there is of that happening is if Microsoft were to buy Rockstar, which they can’t do… can they?

Some games that are coming to Xbox Game Pass this month speak to a wide variety of players. Into fighting games? The popular Guilty Gear Strive is available today through the service.

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