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[Last Chance] Xur Has The Trials Of Osiris Gun Everyone Wants | Destiny 2 Location Guide

It's the weekend, which means Trials of Osiris has returned, and Xur is back with more exotic goodies. This time he's got a meta-friendly weapon that a lot of players are using in their attempt to go flawless. Here's where to go, and what Xur has in store.

Xur is still available in Destiny 2 for one more day with a gun you absolutely must grab if you're trying to be competitive in the PvP Crucible or the incredibly tough Trials of Osiris. That gun is Hard Light, an auto rifle that's been dominating the Destiny 2 competitive space all season. Now's your chance to get one; check out the video above to see where to go to visit Xur, and what he's stocking.

Thanks to tweaks to auto rifles at the start of the Season of the Worthy, Hard Light has been a mainstay in most players' arsenals. The gun doesn't see any damage drop-off at range, unlike other auto rifles, and its bullets can ricochet around corners to make it deadly even when opponents are in retreat or out of sight. It's everywhere in the Crucible right now, and if you don't have one, you need one.

Check out our written Xur guide for more information about what else the Agent of the Nine is stocking right now.