Know Your Classes With These Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Tips

Hold up there, Jenkins. Don't go up against Geth and Cerberus before checking out these Mass Effect 3 multiplayer tips!

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Lol, why has gaming becoming so intricate? It's freaking MP, classes, unlocks, xp points, whatever happenm to just having fun?

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gotta say that when i heard 'bout me3 multiplayer, i was like whatever; but it is actually pretty good because its non-competitive and u gotta move in team at higher difficulties. now im just hoping to unlock quarian engineer soon :)

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WHOA! what thing is shepard wearing at the begining (thing on her face)

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People are getting upset over ME3's mp and pretending it's deep. Can you imagine what would happen if gamespot made a video on dota 2's heroes? Also shockwave's and nova's icons should be swapped.

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This advice MIGHT be okay for bronze matches for awhile... I usually play Silver and have 4 gold wins and this advice would NOT be worth anything on those higher difficulties! You absolutely need the two passive traits maxed out and should max out your two most useful powers, leaving one power untouched for high difficulty matches. Also, I would strongly disagree with many of the branched choices made in the video. An engineer with small weapons, fully upgraded cryo and incinerate can shoot off cryo and then incenerate quickly enough to explode most frozen enemies with the right upgrades. Just play, figure it out, promote your lvl 20's and respec to what you think will work better than the last build imo.

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But in general, you should only max out all three passives if you plan to be a pure power-user equipped with nothing but a pistol for weapons, so that you can pump out power combos (Biotic Exploisions, Tech Bursts, etc) back to back. Otherwise, you're really not going to be using your powers very often - so why the heck would you want to max them out? At the expense of Lv5 Fitness (shields recharge faster), Lv6 Fitness (a hefty boost to health and shields) and Lv6 Alliance Training (increased weapon damage), I might add.

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I disagree with most of the advice in this video. Maxing out all three of your active abilities to rank 6 and going with rank 4 for your passives is certainly not the way to be "the best of your class". Even if you do want all three of your powers to be maxed, a 6/6/6/3/5 or a 6/6/6/0/6 distribution might work better. But usually it's a better idea to pick two of your three actives to focus on, and max out everything except for the one skill you ignored. For Human Adepts and Vanguards, that means Shockwave - there's no reason to use Shockwave over Singularity/Biotic Chage/Nova. Most Human Infiltrators either ignore Sticky Grenade. I personally like Sticky Grenades - they can be pretty good for clearing multiple enemies in an area - and pick it over Cryo so I can go for the 40% increase in Sniper Rifle damage during a Tactical Cloak (instead of casting another power). Most Sentinels avoid taking Throw. I'm thinking the game gave this power to Human Sentinels as a means to detonate Warp. But you really don't need Throw - not when you can detonate Warp with some Warp Ammo (equipment) or if at least one of your teammates also use biotic powers. I won't comment on Human Soldiers, and Engineers since I don't play them (Salarian Engineer is too god-like).

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When you have the salarian infiltrator you don't need more......The Salarian Enginer is great too(has everything energy drain for shielded enemies and incinerate blast for armored enemies also the decoy is perfect when your team is in trouble) ,Turian sentinel (didn't try the krogan sentinel ), asari vanguard (stasis bubble and then charge , biotic walking bomb :D) and my personal fav.from the demo the adept asari ..

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I could(and have) done better upgrading by simply guessing what upgrade is best. This is a video for the sake of making a video.

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@MN121MN Yes he did.

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Jenkins died in the first game, didn't he??

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@darktruth007 The reason people are leaving negative comments on here is because when you come to a VIDEO GAME WEBSITE, people expect to find information more useful than the weak tips provided in this video. Sorry if some of us have standards.

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top of species needless to say.

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@fifeinator I recently obtained the Quarian Infiltrator and found it to be a great anti-Geth class, average against Cerberus and just plain weak against Reapers. It is mainly because Sabotage (only avaiable for the Quarian Infiltator) works wonders against Geth. If you go with exploding Sabotage targets and longer lasting duration, coupled with Sticky Grenade, you will be a great crowd-controller against Geth. The video isn't awful and does not mention anything advanced like Biotic Explosions and Tech Bursts, which I find are the best ways to play the Adept and Engineer respectively.

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Wow, so much fail advice in this video it blows the mind. I mean I'm not trolling or anything, but this is pretty awful. I facepalmed when I got to the vanguard part. I dunno any vanguard who bothers with shockwave. Considering how buggy it is and at times passes through enemies completely.

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Some pretty bad advice lol.

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weak vid

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any one a quarian infiltrater got it in the box havent been an infiltrater at all please gve me tips post me some

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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Nerd Rage!!!! hahahahaha. People should chill the fu** out in here. If you don't like the video don't watch it

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Me thinks this video is not worth watching

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Why even bother to write if it's this shallow?

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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Completely useless video. Didn't once mention Biotic /Tech Explosions or advanced techniques! If you can read the in-game menus you already know everything in this video. I'm really starting to think reviewers these days are the worst kind of gamers. They play every game out there for 5-10 hours, but are good at none. I'll stick to FAQs for protips, thank you very much.

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Actually overload is amazing for single targets. Especially when you lower that cooldown. You can send them out every like 2.3 seconds or something. Extremely lethal with the right weapon set. Not to mention it can drop barriers 100% and does an extra 100% dmg to armored targets.

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The only thing I really don't agree with is the Overload one. Definitely wanna go for crowd control on that one, not single targets.

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Why are gamers such a** holes these days... they are just tips, its not gamespot saying "THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO PLAY THE GAME!" jesus calm down...

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Wow - lot of nerd rage up in here. Didn't see where they said the tips they gave in this vid were infallible - but even if they did - it's a good thing we got a horde of angry, hormone-charged basement dwellers to put those pesky gspot editors in their place!

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Why would you make such a terrible tips video? These sites really need to start teaching people to just keep their mouths shut if they don't know what they are talking about.

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I entirely disagree with the "max out 3 active and level 4 passive" statement. My favorite build is Vanguard with assault rifle (light enough to get +200% recharge, btw), maxed Biotic Charge that fills up the shield and passive maxed out. I spam Biotic Charge and fire in-between and it works really great. Nova is suicidal and not that powerful from what I've experienced. I wouldn't recommend it, especially to novice players.

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Yeah this is rubbish!

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wtf?! horrible guide... "max all 3 offensive skills and level 4 passive" i stopeed at that

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It's more embarrassing than noteworthy, but I'm n7 lvl 500+. This guide is almost entirely garbage. Ignore these ignorant fools... A second weapon? NOOBS!!!

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And the advertising continues with yet another episode of: "Let's bore them to death until they give up!"

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this is soooo weak... no singularity + warp? Way to point out the obvious... also cryo blast is better used for the recharge speed you should be able to spam every 3-5 seconds. Looks like who ever made this never beat single player on hardcore or insanity...

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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Pretty weak tips.

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People actually play the boring multiplayer?

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Are you sure it's obvious? I don't think it's obvious that it's obvious.

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Obvious paid advertising is obvious.

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Human adepts may be weak against heavy shield and armor, but asari adepts can spam biotic detonations on large enemies, and also have stasis bubble to troll normal enemies. Overload on the other is nothing compared to Salarian's Energy Drain. Finally Assault Rifle and SMGs are useless water guns above Bronze. Warp + Throw for fast biotic detonations on large targets, or spam Throw for killing large numbers of easier enemies. The guide is... *sunglasses*... misguided.