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Kirby and the Forgotten Land - Everything To Know

The Super Tuff Pink Puff is back for an all new 3D adventure, and with its March 25, 2022 release date right around the corner, here’s everything to know about Kirby and the Forgotten Land.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land is a 3D platforming adventure game developed by HAL Laboratory, the company that’s been making Kirby games since the very beginning. It’s not an open world game however, it's still split up into linear levels like previous platforming Kirby adventures. Each stage is a 3D environment with hidden Waddle Dees to discover and optional hidden objects, and some of those stages include boss fights like the two characters I mentioned before, Gorimondo and Clawroline. You’ll also collect Capsule Toys and Star Coins, Capsule Toys are just fun collectibles, and Star Coins can be used in Waddle Dee Town.

To get from level to level there is an overworld map where you can use the Warp Star to fly around, and on top of main levels there are also Treasure Road levels, a sort of race to the finish style mini-game where you’re given a specific copy ability or mouthful mode and have to try and beat the level as fast as possible. Each level has a target time as well that rewards you with more star coins if you hit it. Beating these levels mainly rewards you with rare stones you can also use in Waddle Dee Town.

One of the brand new features in Forgotten Land is Mouthful Mode where you can suck up objects and take advantage of their abilities. Some of the Mouthful Mode abilities we know about are Car Mouth, which turns Kirby into a car for faster traversal and to ram into enemies. Vending Mouth which turns Kirby into a vending machine and gives Kirby the ability to shoot cans at enemies. Cone Mouth which lets Kirby slam into objects using the pointy side of the cone. Scissor-Lift Mouth which gives Kirby a way to reach high places. Ring Mouth which, unlike the doorbell, shoots out gusts of wind which can help push boats across water or spin fans. Lightbulb Mouth can illuminate dark areas. Arch Mouth turns Kirby into a paraglider and allows him to fly. And there’s even Water-Balloon Mouth which fills up Kirby with water that can be used to spray enemies or clean up goo.