Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX PAX East Trailer

Check out the first English trailer featuring memorable event scenes and battles from the three remastered titles in the compilation.

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    I've been in love with kingdom hearts since the beginning,LOVE IT!

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    there making a remake of a good HD versoin

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    Does anyone have any idea why KH2 is being left out? Cuz I really like to know

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    @ZeroSoul88 It is because KHII is not part of the story from KHI-KH358/2 Days. There will probably be another remake, and it'll go by the name of KH2.5 HD ReMix. Probably next year.

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    I wish it had kingdom hearts 2 in it, that was my favourite

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    OMG, can't wait :D

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    Every time I watch the trailer, I remember the times when I played this as a kid... It makes me sweat my eyes :')

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    358/2 Days is the only title in the series I've played so far, so it works out well for me that there are just the HD cutscenes. Excited to play KH1, I've been waiting for ages to get the chance!

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    I have play KH more than 7 times. I will play again now but in PS3 ^^

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    freaking awesome, can't wait, already played 1, 2, birth by sleep, 3ds, but can't wait to play every game again!

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    that was impressive i mean 358/2 days

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    JUST GIVE US KINGDOM HEARTS 3 ALREADY, SQUARE ENIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    @b0sse i know the feeling, been waiting for it for 6 years now

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    @b0sse in due time, hopefully they just release it for ps4, and that will give me a real reason to own one!

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    Gettin it day 1!

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    Then some wonder why I stick with the Playstation!!

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    Looking good.

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    the number of "can't wait" comments is to high! I also can't wait hahaha

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    @nupot_ same here!!! great series!!! can you play it on vita?

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    Cant wait. Im even considering importing it just to play it now!

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    Can't wait!!

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    I just don't understand why SE wouldn't put KH 2 in this Collection!! Nobody cares bout Handheld entries except Birth By Sleep. KH 2.5 ReMix better have KH 2 Final Mix and BBS Final Mix. I only want those 2 games in the 2nd Collection. I never played BBS but I heard it was fantastic so I hope its included with 2.5.

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    @BryanParksSuper BBS really is an awesome game because of both the story and the gameplay. *Possible spoiler* The secret bosses are extremely difficult though :P

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    @BryanParksSuper Rumours are that the 2.5 ReMix will have KH2 FM and BBS FM and possibly Re:Coded as film scenes. This would take the story all the way up to 3D, which leads up to KH3. The handhelds do add important parts to the story. I played 1 then 2 and had no idea what was going on first time around. PS: BBS competes with 2 as my favourite game in the series

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    @skts8 @BryanParksSuper The 2.5 Remix is what I'm waiting for. The Final Mix of Kingdom Hearts II has a hell of a lot more extras that would make me want to purchase it over a Kingdom Hearts I Final Mix. Plus it'd have Birth by Sleep, which I never played.

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    I'm sorry I didn't get it

    which games are inside?

    1+2+the GBA game????

    or only 1 and the GBA game??

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    @amir_g_m It contains the Final Mix version of Kingdom Hearts I and Re:Chain Of Memories as playable titles and 358/2 Days in the form of cutscenes. There will be separate trophy lists for each. More titles are expected in a separate, but unannounced HD 2.5 Remix (maybe next year).

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    time to get a ps3

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    :O can't wait!!!!