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Peter Brown brings us back to 1993 for the motion picture tie-in Jurassic Park on the Sega Genesis! How quickly will he get eaten by raptors? Leave a comment!

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Our neighbours rented this once (they rented games like assholes all the time, we were jealous me and my brother) and we played the shit out of it. Good memories, but I afraid I have to say the game sucked even back then. It hasn't got any better.

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ahh... the good ol days buddie

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Oh... My... Gawd... back in the day my brothers and I were like, "holy crap! Look at those graphics! That T-Rex is saying 'SEGA!'" then we got eaten a lot. One of the few Survival Horror games on the Genesis.

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What's the songs name @ "We'll be live soon"? :D

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I remember this game fondly as I was a complete dinosaur fanatic! You guys should do a live stream of the Aladdin megadrive/genesis game...

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This game... ugh, it was the bane of my existence.