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In my opinion having played all of the metal gear games except acid, mgs4 was better in the overall experience department. Had me pulling my hair in twists and turns story wise. And everything felt so apt for the overall experience. The dramatic ending, snakes vulnerability and the flashbacks which got me remembering past events. It was all epic. What mgsv has over 4 of course would be gameplay, cinematography and graphics. Not to mention this is probably the most polished game iv'e ever played .(and ive played a lot over my 14 consoles) That said, i would definitely have this game among my top 5 games of all time. Definitely not first but close.

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MGS4 is the better game. The gameplay is pretty fine even now, but the story and journey is far better. Plus it has the better characters in the game. Liquid Ocelot, Raiden, Vamp, Naomi, the four boss women who aren't over sex up like Quiet for jeez sake. And of course Solid Snake, the best Snake and the true hero of the MGS world.

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Having beaten the story of 5, I can definitively say that 4 has the better story. 5 has the better technical aspects (animations, open world, controls, etc.) but it is the odd ball out of the MGS series. The story is lacking. The first half of the game is 95% game-play with people talking to you over the radio. Then the cut scenes start trickling in and the story gets a little better. Pretty much, if you don't listen tot he cassette tapes, you will miss a large portion of the story and that sucks.

Also, Venom Snake doesn't talk much. That makes some of the cut-scenes very awkward IMO.

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Difficult question to answer.

From a pure gameplay technical perspective, mgs5 is absolutely superior. The animations are much improved, combat is better, the 60 fps is great, the world has more variety and the options available fit the open world greatly. Furthermore there is just more to do on the side which can be nice if you're into those kinds of things.

However, looking at it from a metal gear point of view. Mgs4 is also better than mgs5 in many many ways. First of all, payoff. Mgs4 was the game that tied every single loose connection, which caused it to have extremely long cutscenes, yes, but to those invested in the series those cutscenes were gold. All the tied up ends, the epilogue of snake with boss, the absolutely amazing choreography in many scenes. Kojima also did well in stylizing the information cutscenes from the normal plot cutscenes, so those could easily be skipped. Then there's the world. While not open world mgs4 did give multiple routes and it still gave pretty much the same options as MGS5. Though the open world is nice, mgs5 does lose some plot focus compared to mgs4, and plot is what many people play mgs for. Mgs' semi open route structure still allowed for freedom, but kept it's focus tight. The boss battles are also much much better in mgs4. Every B&B had a style, certain traits and the fights were very dynamic. Laughing octopus and crying wolf are still some of the most intense fights. Mgs 4, because of it's more linear nature, also had better setpieces all with amazing camera work. The gecko pursuit, the microwave hallway, raiden vs vamp and ray vs rex etc etc. It's full of fan service and amazing events.

In the end it's Mgs5 that is more user friendly, and more advanced from a gameplay point of view. It also performs better, looks better and is in many ways superior. But i can see why veteran mgs fans would prefer 4 over 5. Mgs4 just felt like the epitome of mgs' gameplay and style. The improved controls, awesome octocamo, options for lethal and non lethal, awesome codec conversations and more.

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What a loaded question. Depends if you didn't like MG4. I loved the long cut-scenes.

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I don't know that I want to play a Metal Gear Solid without insane plot twists and over-the-top boss battles. They already made that game, it was called Splinter Cell.

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I personally didn't care for MGS 4, so I hope so :/

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No. This isn't Spinal Tap, Gamespot score doesn't go to 11. o.O

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Soldiers should come out of the morpho as a backup option, the missing decimal 5.

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i can live without mgs 5. i liked the others, some a bit overhyped but in general they were well paced intricate and brilliantly animated. whilst I have no reservations regarding the game engine itself and aside from konami are assholes and i've no real interest in lining their pockets, the open world aspect really pisses me off, it's not awe inspiring anymore, it's not particularly rewarding it's just lazy, build a huge enviroment build different structures then copy and paste, it drives a wedge between the player and the narative and makes every major task a mundane side quest.

all it needed were open ended enviroments within a story driven well paced narative that let you tackle specific sections any way you want, open worlds are great, but it depends on the game, fallout, crackdown, witcher 3, infamous, skyrim, yes... but not mgs

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@Gankstar_VX84: I've been playing the game for about 5 days now and everything you've just said is BS....unless you've played this game you have no idea the moments you are missing out on. This world that Kojima has created is simply "alive"....everything you do is simply just awe-inspiring!

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@Gankstar_VX84: you're awesome! Sure showed them!!

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@Gankstar_VX84: "open worlds are great, but it depends on the game" yes and no, to be honest, I think mgs can benefit from an open world, action games tend to be more in tune with open world designs, It's actually what IMO was missing from MGS4. I'm saying no because a part of me thinks that any game could benefit from becoming open world:

Destiny, Spiderman, Ironman, Devil May Cry, Starwars etc..

The yes part, well I honestly can't imagine a just dance game going open world :D

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@Gankstar_VX84: You're right, next time we'll ask for less content...

I see where you're coming from, but it's about as open ended as you can get. Open worlds are what give games like this replayability. What you're talking about is something like Ground Zeroes, which was a very small map and 5 missions, but vastly replayable. I can only imagine what it'll be like in an open world 200x the size of that (I sunk 30 hours into that game, and am putting more in for this)

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in a nutshel

love the gameplay and graphics,

dont like the resource gathering or "rig building" aspects

location variation could be an issue (been in dusty afghanistan for over 12 hrs now)

not seen any boss battles yet or any cut scenes to give a little direction or story after 12hrs

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MGS4 was amazing but if you are new to the series, I would start with MGS3 as it is the first in the series chronologically and also features some of the best story and gameplay in the series. It's quite hard to find on PS2 nowdays, but I would just recommend picking up the HD collection for Xbox 360, PS3 or vita if you still have those consoles. The games still hold up pretty well because they have a stylised graphical style but at the same time showcases how much the PS2 and Xbox were capable of in terms of power as well as having a nice touch up on the visuals for last gen.

After you complete that game, I'd grab portable ops if you have a PSP or Vita but if not, skip straight to MGSVGZ and then MGSVPP and if you are liking the series so far, and you don't consider old graphics a no go, play MGS1, then conclude the series story with MGS2 and then MGS4.

Go now!

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@XBlade1X: The Vita version doesn't include Peace Walker does it??? That's why I wont the HD vita version but I also want the peace walker

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This game is the truth!

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I can't stand MGS5. The obvious gameplay flaws that weren't thought out properly before placed into the game world make me furious. The D-Dog running around freely and barking in a hardcore stealth game such as this is a slap in the face. BARKING dog + while 10 feet from enemy targets is a no-go for me. This insults my intelligence. "GOTY" my f**king arse.

PS - The guy from "Kinda Funny", the hipster one that talks way too much with black glasses looks like a member of The Barenaked Ladies, that's how uncool he looks.

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@brostepper: Stop being so technical it is a video game.

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@brostepper: Man, I agree with you about the game thing and the hipster. Another thing that is bothering me is the "auto-heal" that we now have - we get hit with bullets and all we need to do is run away and "rest", and those wounds will heal?! WTF?! That´s like a COD healing system! What happened to having to eat rations and heal our wounds with bandages and broken bones with splints like we did on MGS 3?! And we have infinite stamina, we can run all we want for how long we want... that is just...no. I still pre-ordered it on Steam but I am starting to wonder how good the game really is.

And yes, that annoying try-hard geek Greg....pretty annoying to endure - i watched it because i love MGS.

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@Gbullet Yea, you run away to heal, then you call in the airstrike. :) Hey, remember the pills in MGS1 that you had to pop yo control your aim sniping? Ya, MGS5 should have Snake eating a sirloin steak to heal. He should learn on how to heal from Geralt, maybe how to grow a cool beard too. Snake, you simply don't have a chicken sandwich as a usable item.


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@brostepper: Yup - it´s Diazepam, good for the first fight with Sniper Wolf ! It makes the fight a lot easier by totally stopping Snake from moving involuntarily while sniping... good times!

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@brostepper: it's a game where you hide in cardboard boxes and distract guards with Playboy magazines, the game where giant flaming whale, controlled by a ghost child swalows a helicopter. That's just how MGS works. V is certainly taking more realistic approach, at least visually, but it's still Metal Gear. If barking dog bothers you, maybe it's just not your kind of game.

By the way, did you play other MGS titles?

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@brostepper: agree on the hipster part.

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@brostepper: shut up meg!

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@brostepper: ummm. the same thing occurred in The Last of Us, where your AI partner would run around and talk to you LOUDLY, despite the 'clickers' being super sensitive to sound. But TLOU also got GOTY, so...

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@Oogazi You could pretend in dat 1, but you can't excuse the dog. lol:

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@brostepper: +1

Let's hope night missions aren't a lense flare and unnecessary slo-mo fest like GZ was. Man, I bet that would make Michael Bay blush.

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@Sevenizz: You shoud print all your opinions about video games on toilet paper so people could wipe their asses properly with them.

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@CaptainBerserk Taste it.:

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@Sevenizz The day and night cycle is pointless in this game as far as gameplay is concerned because you can always use the cigar to FF your way out of any unfavorable situation. The meditation in W3 makes sense because no one really uses it to get out of tough situations, but in NGS5, the night or day make no difference because if either of the two is not in your favor and tough, then just puff puff give the Phantom Cigar and you're set. If there was no cigar, then the night cycle would mean that you would have to plan out missions and hits before the sun sets and makes you plan and value how much daylight is left and whether to go ahead with the mission and if you have enough daylight left..... the night cycle could have been a majoor gameplay factor, but you can just FF that so the day/night cycle is pointless as far as planning and carrying out missions is concerned.:

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@brostepper: Pretty sure the cigar has limited uses

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@brostepper: No one is forcing you to use the cigar.

Learn to restrain yourself from using the features that makes it too easy for you. The best example where I've applied this principle was Farcry 3 and made the game at least 10 times more enjoyable to me. I've disabled the tagging feature, disabled detection meter, and some other features that made it too easy for me. Moreover, I restrained myself to not use the teleport feature and avoid vehicules most of the time. I've also restrained myself to not unlock the skills that would give me addtionnal health bars or improve my defense because I don't enjoy bullet sponge gameplay and prefer to die after one or two shots.

I personnally don't intend to use the cigar and the tagging feature in MGSV because I know that I'll have more fun not using them. Follow my advice and learn to restain yourself from using any skill or feature that makes a game less enjoyable to you, or just too easy. Your level of enjoyment will rise and your life will be a happier one.

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@brostepper: your fanboy is showing

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@brostepper: Yeah but if you infiltrate during the night too much the A.I will adapt and start wearing NVG,

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@brostepper: Well damn, you sure know a lot about a game you haven't played yet.

I wish I shared your enthusiasm.

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@Sevenizz I watched it being played for 2 hours.:I'm into exhibitionism apparently.

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They're less than 30 minutes away every year, and always still feels like they're back from where they came. Dang, some day I need to go to PAX Prime; the tickets go fast though. I'm really excited for MGS5, and I'm happy I just finished up both Dishonored Remaster and Until Dawn, with a little time to spare (so I can perhaps do the Dishonored DLC). I don't know how I'll feel about MGS5, but I'm guessing I'll love it, just as I had the previous ones.

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No, both are great in their own terms. However, don't ever play MGS4 if it's your first time in the series; you won't comprehend sh!t.

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@cboye18: MGS4 was the first game in the series I played. Luckily for me, an free encyclopedia was put out on PSN to catch up on the series. It read your save file and withheld information about MGS4's plot until after you'd beaten the game. There was also the superb retrospective series put together by GameTrailers in the lead up to the game's release in 2008, it's pretty outdated now though!

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I will summarise as I have had the game for 2 days now:

Yes, this is better than MGS 4 in most ways. In MGS 4's defence the boss battles and set pieces were better but MGS 5 is a much better overall experience from what I have played so far. The prologue chapter sets a high precedence for your experience in the game and it doesn't let you down.

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@gotrekfabian: played through the prologue only (it's equally great and confusing, just what I expect from MGS), waiting for PC copy to continue. One thing bothers me though - is story really "sparce" as every review point out? It's clearly not the point with prologue (it's basically one big interactive cutscene), but MGS was always about the story first (I love how in Snake Eater there's lengthy and completely random conversation conversation with Para-medic each time you save), and V seems to be much more gameplay centered.

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@igorphoenix: iv played it for around 10hrs after the prologue and i have not seem a single cut scene just missions, and tbh im getting a little tired of the same area, dusty afghanistan, i need a new area quick im also not too in to the whole "rig building" part of the game yet its a little frustrating and not something i want to put much time in to i hope the game doesnt force you in to it

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@westsiderz28: that's... weird. Hard to imagine MGS without cutscenes.

As for rig building - I loved that part in Peace Walker (it was a great game actually, don't know why so many people discard it when talking about MGS series), and here it seems far more advanced, plus you can see the result of your hard work for yourself (in PW it was presented by a bunch of menus rather than actual location)/

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Sorry but this is a lame topic....

The intressting question ist is MGS5 better then MGS 1 or MGS 3, couse this are the best games ever made

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Just 16 hours ago a video was uploaded on Gamespot titled "Why Metal Gear Solid 5 is better than MGS4". So I guess that answered the question for me.

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@7tizz: Yea not one to be negative but these 3 are Kinda Lame and are not anyone i would want giving me their opinion.