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GRFS was the latest entry, not GRAW2. I post a comment on your youtube about this session you had. In short, after GRFS's horrible port and on-rails gameplay as well as GRO (now named Ghost Recon Phantoms) taking a huge dive into the pay-to-win market, my faith in the series has expired. I've been a fan of GR series for a while and after being burned on Phantoms and no support for GRFS's horrible port, this mish-mash of a ubisoft-trope-filled game does not entice me one bit. The online community for GR games (other than Phantoms) diminishes within a few months of release.

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Why shouldn't they be jaded? It is another example of Ubisoft putting all their idea's in a blender, and mixing up another generic game that tries to please everyone.

Stealth? Check.

Rambo style rampage? Check.

Sniper shooter? Check.

Might as well add some towers to climb, and some lousy hacking, and call it "Far Assassin's Dog Cry 2"

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@Sgt-Damain: If they named it that, I would actually buy it.

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Man you guys are so jaded and boring to listen to during this E3. You can't get excited or give at least the benefit of the doubt for anything it seems. Waw I get it there are things to be cynic about, but gaming journalists this jaded about games... Not so cool.

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People have short memories. Ubi has made an artform out of making trailers that look better than their games.