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Lost planet 2 was bad lost planet 1 was great but this is gonna be awesome. It has the elements of some of the greatest scifi movies and games that Iv seen ie: aliens, dead space, and obviously doom(movie)

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Love lost planet, but hate being forced into a co-opitive situation with Americans who can not play together period! Would be great if on multiplayer hosting a game you could boot players who tend to glitch play instead of having the skill-set actually play. fairly. I welcome getting my butt kicked in a game because "slowly" i'll get better but the need to cheat just makes the game suck. Rant over, the video didn't really excite me about the new release, unlike LP2 did. Not sure if i'll even try this one, loved 1 and 2 to death though and if you play x360 you problem played me every night hahaaa....

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They just refuse to say Lost Planet 2 was bad lol. Hey guys, guess what? It was bad.

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It really has nothing to do with nationality as much as the culture of gaming- the Japanese gaming industry is in a tailspin. Metal Gear and Demon Souls aside, there isn't a lot of quality products coming out of Japanese game developers, in my opinion.

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I'm just glad this one is being cut by a western director, instead of falling into the pile of weird japanese crap games.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> I dont think you should judge a great game by what nationality the developer is?! I mean Metal gear 4, Demon and Dark souls are all from foreign developers. It doesn't hurt to think before you speak so you dont sound like an azz unless that was your aim. Well of course that your aim right? (sarcasm)

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@trigun3232 unnecessary hostility. I doubt the final game will end up looking much better.

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@4-Legged-Shark maybe after all those years you have been playing games you know by now that those screenshots came from the early stages of the game that would be release on 2013? please remember to use your brain first kay?

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I think adding the cockpit view is a good step. Controlling a mech in 3rd person is cool but 1st person view sounds so much better. Launch with a "Steel Battalion" type of controller and i'm sold! Haha, yeah i guess that's not gonna happen. Hopefully, the multiplayer is an improvement to LP1 koz LP2 just didn't do it.

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after the beautiful CGI trailer, those screenshots looked horrible.

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@Ajheyhey no sh*t its a translator it was a joke

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I didn't play any of the previous games. But if there is a demo I might consider picking this up.

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cant wait

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cant wait

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I was EXTREMELY excited for Lost Planet 2 because of the awesome graphics and boss battles. The boss battles were amazing, but everything else was pretty bad... though the multiplayer didn't tank. This game looks like it could be good, though I think I'll be missing the MT framework engine which allowed AMAZING graphics. The problem I'm having right now is the appearance of the Akrid... they are cool... but the could be cooler :)

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davidsworld3 yes god of war was good but gears of war pfff how dose that game stand out? your fighting to save the world from what?? its a re hash of games like half life gears of war is nothing epic or new

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well i did love lost Planet1 lost Planet2 was only good with buddys other then that it was trashy lost Planet3 is looking cool so far ill keep an eye on it

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all I have to say is mehhhh... *shrugs*

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How about a co-op like resistance2? I love to see tht on this game

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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Quite surprised they didn't wait a month or two for E3.. Would have seemed a better time than any to announce it? Ah wells! Each to their own..

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Still cant forgive CAPCOM yet for their many mistakes. Not ready to take them off the boycott list for their arrogance. Now we dictate you CAPCOM for bitting the hands that feeds you.

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LP1 was pretty good, 2 was a disappointment. Hopefully 3 will meet its potential. Also, is that Nolan North? :P

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oh its a FPS now :-( shame.

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Honestly this is just a forgetable series it doesn't really stand out enough like gears of war does, or god of war. The scale isn't big enough the graphics could be better, story isn't a huge issue it's the gameplay. Just isn't as much fun.

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Wait so we dont get the mechs with lots of awesome guns? Meh I'm pretty sure i"m just gonna wait for this to be cheap. Hell I have yet to even play the second game and frankly due to reviews never will.

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I'm still trying to figure out what Lost Planet 2 was about.

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I simply could not get into Lost Planet series. Tried a few times but just could not get into the single player it all that much. Maybe this will be entry that takes me in....

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I guess I'm one of the only few people that enjoyed Lost Planet 2 still... :P I really can't wait to play this game, so far the series hasn't disappointed me (I have no idea why, I guess I'm supposed to be disappointed from what people are telling me).

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THANK YOU. Lost Planet was a lot of fun to play, and had an amazing setting. Part 2 was a total let down. 3 looks to get back to what made LP1 so engaging.

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how does this game keep getting more sequels?

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@martaye u r stupid that is a translator

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I get the impression that Capcom wants to make a Metrovania game with Lost Planet 3.

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within a minute of watching it is clear capcom has no idea what direction to take the lost planet franchise. LP2 was all multi then LP3 is a prequel. did LP2 even have a story? i thought it was just shoot the big orange spot onthe enemy

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No MegaMan, but we get a 3rd Lost Planet? UHHHHHGGGGGG......

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Looks good. Nice interview Jane.

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no more split screen ...a joke!

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Never played the first one but I did play the second and I really liked it. I can never figure out how people were able to change what their characters look like. I once saw a guy with a white suit and a big yellow teddy bear on his back...it was frikin hilarious! Can't wait to see some gameplay

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LP 3 not looks so bad like previous one.

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how deep is that asian guys voice

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man the first two games where amazing this one looks good i wanna see the gameplay and what new stuff they would do

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I loved the first Lost Planet game but Lost Planet 2 left me cold and wanting. The news that 3 is returning to a more single player oriented experience is very welcome news and has me very excited. Can't wait.

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Am I the only person here that kinda likes LP2? I thought it was hilarious fun if you play co-op with buddies and try not to take it seriously.

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I have nothing good to say about Capcom,or the Lost Planet IP. I found both games to be directionless stories filled with preposterous knock back attacks and one hit kills from beasts. And Capcom won't earn my respect until they do Mega Man justice. I may give this game a chance,because I like the concept,and I feel I should give it a chance before I cast it aside,but until they blow me away, I'm cautiously pessimistic.

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Looks very promising. I'll stay tuned.

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Lost Planet 1 was bad, it has a sequel. Lost Planet 2 was bad, it has a sequel. Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts was awesome, no sequel ever. F*** logic

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i think they should stop with cgi and focus in the real time graphics and game play.

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Lost Planet 1 had a great story line and I loved it. #2 had no real in depth story line and I hated it.

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Los Planet 2 was a waste of money and time...

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Is it just me, or is that alien the same one from Star Trek (2009)? It even tumbles down the ice in almost the same way. Homage?

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