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Is Nolan North doing the voice?

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I really enjoyed the first 1, the 2nd one left a bad taste in my mouth. Now that they are focusing back on an actually single player story I find myself looking forward to it.

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Spark?! I don't know about that, they kind a suck doing game...

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I've tried to enjoy the other 2 games but being a PC player the controls just haven't been right. I'll need a demo before I splash out this time

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@OrNiGhTz its a prequel to the series...so I've heard xD Personally I've enjoyed all the games, especially LP2. That's Just me... But after the disappointment of RE ORC I'm skeptical of buying new Capcom games lol

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where's wayne ?

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Good, not everyone wants to play online all time. It's good to see someone focusing on singleplayer for a change.

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