Intro Video: Director's Cut - Wipeout 2048

Take a look at the intro to Wipeout 2048, complete with full director's commentary explaining all the things you might have missed.

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@MJ12-Conspiracy i agree the prices are too high, even some software, im sure within a few months something will be done about that. I would argue that the system itself is too highly priced, i mean whats next ?, is this it for a few years in the hand held genre, if so im gonna get one, if not well see, we could all spend a fortune with tech like this, like apple ipods, pads the big companies are capitalizing onthe mobility of the power in your hand when really its pretty easy to do, im mean duel core, come on .

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this looks a top game some ncie areas to race in and a good back story help involve you in the game making it more immersive. brilliant...

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I really hope they do Wipeout 2025, it looks awesome

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Sorry i don't care about the background or the story behind it i just like racing space ships (anti gravity cars) whatever... wroom

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Cool video, any chance of this coming to PS3 though?? I'm probably not going to buy a PSVita, not with memory stick prices the way it is.....

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Wooo, Now I want Wipeout 2025 :D

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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Missing the days when this series was on different consoles... (Saturn, PS1), now probably will never get to see its awesomeness on the 360 :(

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Hopefully it wont be as frustratingly-hard as the last wipeout lol

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Nice cars and nice game.I will buy it.

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those futuristic cars look cool, will they be included in the game?

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I miss the days when Psygnosis was famous for it's new, fresh and original ip's for the last 11 years all they've done is wipeout and lemmings

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Whoo, the actual racing-game WipeOut for the Vita! :D