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so they sold more than other consoles and are therefore better? New Moon sold more tickets than The Dark Knight, don't mean it's better. Waggle sticks can stick it. It's not a console for everybody, certainly not for me. Fix your damn controller for people who don't want to waggle in every game. At least playstation is giving people the choice between waggling in games.

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this was a good interview and i love nintendo

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@hansolo14 exactly, the mario/zelda/metroid games for the wii or even gc keep me playing for hours on end (i just recently purchased metroid trilogy for wii, just finish metroid prime in about a month and i got metroid 2 and 3 to finish). i really feel you get your money worths when you buy the game and its titles..yes, we can always get more games..i know they are gamers that finish games in 72 hrs or less and they keep wanting more..for me, between school, work and life..i get 3-4 hrs a day to play..a regular title last me for weeks or months..

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Reggie is nothing but a lying, overpaid corporate mouthpiece.

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I really don't like Microsoft or sony at all. Nintendo is just so much more of a gaming company. I wish Microsoft just stuck to making internet crap. Reggie is awesome too and I can't wait for Other M no matter how much Team Ninja screws it up.

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My first videogame system was a Nintendo Game and Watch...a popeye nintendo game & watch. I've got a Wii but I also have a PS3 and a Xbox 360. So in my room their competing against each other but this way we win in the grand scheme of things regardless of which company comes out on top..

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ojala nintendo siga creciendo y mejorando como lo ha hecho en todos estos años... algun dia sera indiscutiblemente la mejor compañia de los videojuegos en todos los sentidos :,) aunq ya lo es en algunos xD

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What was he talking about by saying that the leading competitor has been on the market a year longer?

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he is a clone of donkey kong XD

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da new metroid game looks way better than all the other metroid games 2 me :)

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Nintendo has taken over Sony for biggest ego. I'm sad to say this because I used to love Nintendo but since the Wii got popular they've just been really annoying me.

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This gys so boring , im exited about the new metroid

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I'm getting tired of these Nintendo statements: "With Nintendo everyone games bla bla bla, everyone games bla bla bla...". At least they're getting their money, because I'm not getting the games I want.

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i want to punch this guy in the face

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i like reggie just don't like nintendos games mario needs a holiday.

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I Enjoyed that alot. While i dont think you can downplay all that other "whizbang stuff" like project natal and whatnot, im still excited for the future. I just hope like everyone else that more hardcore games come out. Metroid is still enough by itself to keep the Wii in my house. Other M looks incredible. Hopefully it will give me the same feeling as when i first played Prime.

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Great Inverview, I loved how they used the background and lighting. Great Job.

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at 1:30 lighten up the skin add a smokier voice and you've got john mayer

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Reggie Rules!

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ya nintendo is doin really, really well in the market, and totally owning microsoft and sony in funds, and i say that in a couple years, they use their funds to make a powerhouse console and still put everything in it that the wii has that fimilies love, cause i personaly don't care if its "compact" and "quiet". So anyway, nice job Reggie, but were you looking off of a teleprompter :P ?

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Nintendo is getting better and better.

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@alfarhan - Have you actually seen any videos or info from E3? We have a new Mario game on the Wii this year as well as a Zelda game on the DS and as for 2010 we already have Mario Galaxy 2 and Metroid: Another M shown with a new Zelda for the Wii confirmed as well. Ok not all the Nintendo stars were shown but they've shown they haven't given up on hardcore games like most were criticizing them for before the show. Q3/Q4 2010 Will be the time the big games are released and everyone will be playing their Wii's again!

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why don't u just shut the fu** up??? nintendo have lost my respect with wii because they aren't giving us "hardcore" gamers as much support as the core gamers!! i used to love all of the previous nintendo home consoles (especially the gamecube, it had mario, f-zero, star fox, paper mario, luigi, pikmin, metroid, kirby , zelda, etcc..)... the only cool new ip the wii has is no more heroes but that still can't compare against the gamecube's ip (pikmin, viewtful joe).. i'm dissapointed on u, reggie

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Good Interview.

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I admire Nintendo's business plan, they should continue what they are doing.

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I was pleased with Nintendo's offerings at this year's E3. Last year was a little dry (with the exception of Punch Out!), but this year they've announced some exciting and intriguing titles. Super Mario Galaxy 2 and New Super Mario Bros. Wii look like incredible fun, just like their previous titles, and Other M looks... interesting. Not sure whether Team Ninja were the right group to give a Metroid game to (as awesome as they are), but then again, nobody knew what Retro Studios would come up with and the Prime series was golden. Spirit Tracks and Mario & Luigi 3 will be occupying my DS the moment those titles come out. The Zelda series has always been stellar (CDi doesn't count) and the Mario & Luigi series, though fairly easy, is all about having fun, which you do from start to finish. I was ready to dismiss Nintendo, as I was starting to lose interest in the company, but it's nice to see Nintendo trying to please as many of their customers this year, from the casual to the more "hardcore".

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I love how he said the competitors showed off whiz-bang technology and they showed entertainment. I must have been watching completely different conferences, because MS and Sony revealed more entertainment half-way through their conferences than Nintendo has done in their previous TWO conferences. That aside, it is cool to see their partnership with Team Ninja for Metroid Other M.

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Reggie is more real then any of the other representatives. Im sorry but you can just feel the realness with this guy

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Good old Reggie, taking names and kicking ass. Unlike the Roamin the Paladin who's been taking ass and kicking names :S (Unforgotten Realms reference ;) )

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00:24 "...that everyone can and SHOULD be playing, on Nintendo platforms...." hmmm...

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nintendo already dominated the casual with the first wii sports :P

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LOL "Wizbang stuff"

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Y did they put the camera so close to his face. its kinda awkward. He is still crazy awsome though. lol =)

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his top right k9 tooth is positioned funny...

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Or maybe I should say it sounds like a 2D Metroid with special sauce ..haha

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Reggie is so cool -- The way he described the New Metroid game as a 2.5D game. But yes, he's a great speaker

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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he looks like a vampire

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Reggie - spiritual leader to wii wagglers everywhere!

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Very nice interview. The guy's a good speaker. Got me more excited about what's up ahead! Can't wait for Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Metroid: Other M.

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Wow, he's quite the speaker. Wii is going to have quite a few golden games this year if they can get those third party developers more involved with the 'core' gaming group.

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So charismatic. Always a pleasure to hear him speak in that sort of environment. Good interview.

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Very good interview.

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He is right about that there is something for EVERYONE on the Wii and DS, just not enough hard core games, but that looks like it's gonna change with all the great games from Nintendo and third party developers that are gonna be coming this year and next :D

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Well said Mr. Fils-Aime!

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Also, he said that they're trying to expand the market. Ok, the markets big enough now, Reggie. Now deal with what you've got. Don't you think over 40 million is enough?

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That's what half the show was: Nintendo bragging about what they already made.

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I liked the interview, it was pretty good

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