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I think its a pretty cool Idea. I have MHFU and Im away from all of my friends that plays the game with me. When we heard about the Ad Hoc Party feature we got excited because we are able to play MHFU like old times and dont have to worry about traveling too far out just to play the game together. So I would give it a chance.

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sounds like it will be interesting and kind of useless

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what is wrong with sony, why the F would they make an adhocparty only available with the ps3. What if i don't have a ps3, than I'm screwed. And why would you even need to make psp less portable.

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what about lbp? they should just make an online mode dlc

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I think the PS3 needs to be hardwired to the internet connection since the wireless network connection will be set up to connect to the PSP. If the PS3 had a built-in multiport wireless router then you might be able to set it up to use its wireless interface to do all. This is still a very nice feature, better than what we have up to now! :-) But, I wonder if this could be set up through blue tooth and the new PSPgo... so you could wirelessly connect the PSPgo to the PS3 through BlueTooth and have the PS3 do wireless 802.11 to the internet then you'd have an all-wireless solution. Unfortunately I have a PSP-2001 so this wouldn't help me but it would be nice if Sony enabled a BlueTooth interconnect to do this...

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Did she say you need a wired connection to your PS3 for it to work? If so, then boo-erns to that!

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Dang i have to get MHFU, and i also want MHT for the wii. When will they make a monster hunter for the ps3?

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i use it its pretty neat. anybody play street fighter alpla 3 max?

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@revway: thats not MHFU, thats monster hunter tri, for the wii

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no it should be able to adhoc party by wifi or comp. but not ps3 if i had one i would never of bought the psp

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Eeh, that level is not on my MHFU.

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Does anybody know when it´s coming to europe?

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How do you download this???

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FREAKIN AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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cool idea. Not sure how many people will use it. But it's free. It opens up possibilities.

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Pointless. If you gonna have to use ps3 then just play the ps3. PSP for me has always been gaming on the go or wireless someone else from my house.

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this is huge news but hard to find anything about it. thanks gamespot i thought this was just more rumors. i keep checking psn since its supposed to be on today and ya that was MH Tri for the wii. Weird

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Dangit. Now I have to move my PS3 to another room. And get my hands on Unite.

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It's available later this week (1:04)?! That means Thursday's PSN release will be AMAZING!! I can't floggin' wait. Also, what version of Monster Hunter were they showing? That level is NOT on the PSP version (at least not that I've seen). It did look a little more like MHtri for the Wii. I wonder if they goofed on the clip for that one.

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In order to make the networking architecture work, your PS3 needs to have a physical connection so its wireless connection can be didcated to communicating with your PSP. I've dinked around with the Japanese version and it's nothing short of awesome. I'm so glad to see this feature (a) in existence and (b) in AMERICA!

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hold on, it needs to be a wireless connection??!!?

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works out nice since i just got a ps3 :D

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what day is it coming out exactly??? First