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oh yea, sry @flyingcow53

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@killman961 It isn't made by Epic Games. It is made by Chair Entertainment and uses the Unreal Engine from Epic Games

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WAY better than the wii.. then again its made by epic games of course it looks awesome

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"Jesus Christ that looks better than some console games!" Well the I Pad 2 is more powerful than a Wii, so it makes sense.

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Keep it up, Chair! You haven't disappointed me yet!

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Dual-wielding for the win. But wait. Will there be a sword in this game called the Infinity Blade II? Ha. :0)

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Jesus Christ that looks better than some console games!

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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second! and it is 1am here is Southern California. and i don't know what i am doing up either, i think i made that coffee to strong...mmm. i think i will watch die hard, and go to sleep to that. plus the bf3 pc servers are down for updates :(

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This is probably the point where I say 'first' but when I think about it, its 4:17am in London, midweek. WTF am I doing up? Am I a bum?..... Meh... Probably lol Ahem... First.