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If you haven't played the game, maybe don't watch the trailer. Spoilers abound.

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people who call this game gay are real gays ^_^

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i'm siding with Lax! game looks amazing deff the part where the bird is doing the fly by over the city. i'm totally buying this game, but have to finish tales of vesperia first.

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screw all you haters, this game looks awesome!

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Innuendo dive is probably a bad translation for the name of the move hes doing, which i'm guessing this game is full of. I'm sure this game is something square-enix outsourced to some nub developers and are just licensing it under their name because: 1-Microsoft offered them ALOT of money for an exclusive RPG. 2-Square enix knows its not going to sell any copies in japan (thier primary market) 3-square-enix are money grubbing ***** and i dont see myself buying any of their crap any time soon.

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the game looks ok im going to buy it but im going to turn down the voices in the game the the first thing i hope the game play and story plot are good

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despues un comprar un infinite undiscovery

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Damn that was pretty cheesy. The voice overs were very annoying.

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Y'know, I'm fine with magical artifacts and creatures and whatever being used as the central story for a game, but chaining the moon??? What the heck are these crazy japanese people going to think up next? (btw, what exactly is an inuendo dive?)