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This is a fantastic game. I got this as an in betweener game and was very surprised that this was better than the game I was waiting for. Lots of secrets, great story, fun combat, and unique abilities. This is a total package. A little corny at times but do not miss this game.

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this looks pretty good. I hate turn based combat lol think i'll be getting this...

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whoo hoo get pay check next week gettin this

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looks interesting

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this is a great game ...I have it BTW I disabled the battle voices.

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Spinning Warts? Sounds painful...

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"i think jrpgs have finally gone up their own ass, this looks ridiculous" Your display picture is from Animal Crossing. Animal. God damn. Crossing.

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you aew weird......you are warfreaks....who doesnt care about tactics or strategy....you are just idiot....you need high graphics just kill people in your world fantasy shooting... FpS make boring...shoot shoot...no thinking... Gameplay > Graphics... Its not about Graphics

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For one thing, I'm not entirely irish im only 1/4 irish and if everyone was commented about their name youd be a freaking scum filled bog rat, I dont need to learn how to speak btw, because most of the users in this discussion favoring Infinite Undiscovery cant even type a worthwhile and yet even sensible sentence in support this unfulfilling game, "Its like getting a bj only the girl doesnt finish and your left there with your pants at your ankles ready to skeet." You have a backbone of fable 2 and FF XIII so i cant say you have absolutely no taste, But you are a scum rat and are most likely the very metaphor i used earlier(this means you suck coc and dont even have the courtesy to finish the job) what you guys need to understand is that no matter what you say this jrpg will always be the peice of crap it was meant to be. It was made entirely to show how great future rpgs will be (fable 2, FF XIII) it has set this years "bar" and has set it low might i add. So until i post next week. work on your bj skills

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This is just going to be a filler game for those waiting for Fable 2 or FFXIII to be released.I dont know about yall but Too Human did nothing for me, so hopefuly this will tide me over....which by the way doe not mean Infinate Undiscovery will in any way be a terrible game. ps-learn how to talk to people Irelandish...you make the Irish look bad

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that spinning woltz thing could really get on your nerves

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wow,, this looks really, really bad.

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looks ok but fable 2 and force unleashed will be the best game but ill still get this

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Woah I got so much out of reading your post Irelandish. I have live and I know it is full little punks, who love to posture and act tough. Why don't you say something about the game and stop wasting peoples time? And no saying that other games are coming out that may be better (only one of which is a close subsitute) is not a very good contribution.

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Really?.....STFU I absolutely love rpgs but would never even touch this childish piece of crap, If you want to compare a jrpg to some of the newest next-gen rpgs then youre out of your mind, so dont say "People who don't enjoy rpgs......Blah..Blah..blah" you guys (bringbckjeff and kozzy) afre just a couple of dumba$$ emo kids trying to defend an otherwise worthess game. if you own an xbox 360 and have xbox live you should know by now that whatever opinion you have will get thrown around in the dirt and pi$$ed on by anybody that has a reverse opinion so don't get all "lovey dovey" and opinionated and not expect to get shiI on by people who would rather have companies time spent on other worthwhile games instead of this monstrous mistake of an rpg.

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People who don't enjoy RPGs aren't likely to enjoy this one. So they should stop posting I think. I like that the combat is not in a separate battle area. However I dislike the red ring and I would rather have the enemies be clearly visible without it. I want to see nicely designed well animated monsters not a red ring.

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why do people call others dumb for enjoying rpgs?? go play halo or what ever games you immature kids enjoy. EVERYONE HAS THERE OWN OPINIONS.. Live with it. I enjoy RPGS and FPS's the most, and i respect that everyone else has there own views, just respect others opinions people. I personally think this game and Tales Of Vesperia look much better then fable2 does.

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this game looks awesome to me, cant wait to get it delivered this week (;

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So much hate... ;P not all games are for everyone... as long as this game has good story from what i been reading it those... ;) that all that matters to me ^_^ but the game looks good... people became too picky... i wish they remembered back to Chrono Cross, FFVII, and Super Mario RPG... and compare the graphics/gameplay from 10 years ago... to now... ;P many people call this games the best... but when they play the game again they notice big difference visual and gameplay wise.... Give it a just at least rent the game before giving any negative comments... reviewers from compaines dont make good 100% reviews either especially.. if it not titled "Final Fantasy (Insert greek number here)" many reviews on gamespot/ign and few other places put very low scores to one of greatest games... like Lost Odyssey, and .hack//gu series while not for everyone i enjoyed the story so much that i played for 24 hours straight to beat the first game of series...

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i think jrpgs have finally gone up their own ass, this looks ridiculous.

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Are they releasing this so close to FFXIII? Too bad that games not anywhere close to coming out, for probably around a year or so. Your an idiot

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Sucks Bad Well Fable II here i come

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unbelievable... sometimes I wonder who actually puts up the money to make a game like this, and what the green-lighting process is like. The industry is SATURATED with crap like this, esp with RPGs

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are they seriously releasing this so close to FF 13? screw that, gtfo of here...

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what we need is a "flash" attack if you know what i mean? ....OMG TOO MUCH DIALOGUE THOUGH! combat is cool but damn there's too much

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If you buy this game you seriously are dumb.

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like I said before - FALCON PUNCH! Ooops! Wrong game!

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$19.99! lmao

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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i agree calling out the attacks is annoying as hell especially if the voice is really shrill

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Why waste money on this crap when Fable 2, Fallout 3, Gears 2, LOTR Conquest, and FF XIII are right around the seasonal bend.

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I hate games that have the characters say the moves they're doing. It's just annoying and doesn't make it cool...it also doesn't help that all jrpg characters look like women.

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horrible horrible combat. BORING. This game is for RPG's starters. NEXT!

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Another boring 3rd Person/Japanese Style Game for kiddies, Id Rather play a Grown up 1st person or A RTS but i guess it will keep someone happy for hours on end..

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Aw man I'll have to wait next month to get this. But I'll be having fun with tales of vesperia so it all works out.

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looks like they have added freeze-frames to help the frame-rate

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Looks pretty neat tbh :)

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looks better than tales of vesperia anyway!!

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what you talkin bout bro real time is the best