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Competition sure as hell makes industry better..when they strive to be the top they always come up with the best ideas...anywya infamous is a pure beast i pre-ordered it and just cant wait

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Why does this video keep dropping out? It's so annoying!

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What i wouldn't give to hear that robotic voice say "Prepare for titan-fall" and some huge robot smash this video. ROFL. Totally getting this for my PS4, good month for gaming. Competition makes the industry better.

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They ran with two stories this week, the Dev that left sucker punch, and titanfall helping x1's almost catch ps4 in sales...oh! and the v glasses.

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the day before launch of second son and hardly anything from gamespote. when it was Titanfall it was wall to wall coverage...hmmm? makes you think eh!

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@sampson3121 Different publishers give different access levels for their games--sometimes it's just out of our control, but to the point, we've run three big Infamous stories in the last 3 weeks. I wouldn't call that "hardly anything".

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@sampson3121 Was hardly a feature on Castlevania los 2 either, some games just don't have mass appeal. Anything multiplayer and shooter will get alooot of coverage.

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I think that Sucker Punch have got it right with the Karma system and their approach to it. So excited to play the game tomorrow!

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@KBABZ Its going to be a long night my friend

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Pretty interesting. I still think the Karma system should be more subtle and seamless, like in Dishonored. As you play, depending on your play style, the game should constantly change it's premise to reflect the player's decisions.

Mass effect does this in a decent capacity.

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@krishnaV_ Yeah but in Mass Effect the good/evil stuff is mostly limited to the conversations you have. Not sure how it's done in Dishonored. While inFamous does have very clear and obvious "PICK A CHOICE" moments, it extends into the gameplay as well and your moral alignment will heavily affect the way you play the game.

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World of Modern Tanks??? :-/