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damn... anti chamber looks awesome. (although confusing, i hope it has an easy start or a good tutorial or else it'll be a nightmare to begin)

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the bridge = and yet it moves. even the graphics are the same. are these games from the same guy?

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The Bridge looks awesome - hope it comes to XBLA and PSN eventually.

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@shanethewolf They have been complaining about how big titles have been chasing better and better graphics. That is completely different than trying to have impressive aesthetic. If you look at a game like braid, the game from a graphical standpoint isn't impressive. What is impressive is what Jonathan Blow did with the graphics to make it an interesting aesthetic.

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Weird game.

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@scarletsnake Well said. Indie developers (and fans) always complain how commercial games have become all about the graphics, yet indie developers are doing exactly the same thing with their arty, minimalistic visuals. I'd much prefer to fire up my Snes, Genesis or Amiga emulator and play some classic platformers and shoot em ups from the 90s. Much better game play, graphics and music.

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@shanethewolf Agreed! I'd like to see more stuff like Amnesia. These all look like flash-games you'd play on a browser for five minutes and be bored, they all look so alike and so boring. What is up with Indiedevs? They're all making the same game. 2D platformer with "different" visuals. They just build the physics engine and then dump the same gameplay in. No real AI, no proper gameplay, just because the presentation is all artsy-fartsy doesn't make it a worthy game to be featured in my opinion. Games should be more than just contemporary design 101.

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Gamespot forgot to show the premium indie games: Toki Tori 2, Bit Trip Runner 2, and Natural Selection 2

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What a load of pretentious crap! The appeal of indie games should be the gameplay and innovative ideas, but these featured games look so tedious and dull!

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Antichamber and Fez look like my kind of games. I need to get my arse in gear and learn how to program.

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"I'm a programmer, but I can draw the s**t out of a square" (4:15) Best quote of GDC, hands down.

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antichamber looks like the best ideas behind portal such as crazy physics and narrator... i think ill get this one when it comes out

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I am amazed by the ingenuity of a lot of the indie developers out there. Some great games to look forward to.