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I Love Handheld Gaming, But I Miss What It Used To Be

Handheld gaming is the most diverse and multifaceted it's ever been, but for all of the advancements we've made in handhelds, it's hard not to think about everything we've lost along the way too.

The Nintendo Switch cemented a new era of handheld in 2017, paving way for the home console experience but on the go. In fact, the Switch's success has led to an all new market of high-end handhelds by way of the Steam Deck and its many competitors including the ROG Ally. The result is that handheld gaming is the best it's ever been now that home gaming experiences can be had virtually anywhere.

But aside from the heavy hitters like Nintendo and Valve, there's a whole other market gaming-on-the-go devices like the retro scene which includes the Analogue Pocket or emulators from brands like Anbernic and Retroid. Not to mention the niche but still incredibly cool Playdate.

For Kurt, this is practically heaven. Kurt has been a longtime fan of handheld gaming, so these past few years have been very kind to him with the abundance of gadgets to choose from for his gaming needs. But in his journey in examining the current state of handheld gaming, he equally feels that games developed for handhelds specifically is a fleeting art form.

In this episode of The Kurt Locker, Kurt looks at the highs and lows of handheld gaming in 2023, the many options there are, and grieves the end of an era of consoles like the Nintendo DS and 3DS.

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The Kurt Locker

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The Kurt Show is a commentative video essay show on current trends in gaming, and their impact on gaming culture and gamers themselves, told through the lens of its host and writer Kurt Indovina.