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I Heart Metal Gear Solid (ft. YongYea, Super Bunnyhop, and More!)

While Hideo Kojima had been creating games for some time, including Metal Gear on the NES, its as Hideo Kojima’s Metal Gear Solid on the PSX that introduced him as a true auteur. Ever since MGS1, Kojima has become synonymous with quality, and Metal Gear Solid has become one of gaming’s most iconic franchises of all time.

Join YongYea, Super BunnyHop, SkillUp, Jake Baldino of gameranx, RogersBase, Ink Ribbon, The Salt Factory, and Tamoor Hussain and Lucy James of Giant Bomb as they discuss the absolutely massive impact of Metal Gear Solid 1, and how much it meant to them.

From connecting with Otacon as a gamer and otaku and crying over the death of Sniper Wolf, to how absolutely iconic Solid Snake is, the crew chat about how much the characters resonated with them. Meanwhile, they discuss how wild it was going up against Psycho Mantis, and what how revolutionary the 4th wall breaks of the Psycho Mantis fight were.

Ralph talks about his favorite moment of being in an elevator, only to realize there were invisible enemies surrounding him the entire time, while Super Bunnyhop talks about the deeper themes of Metal Gear Solid, and how it introduced gamers to concepts like the military-industrial complex.

Metal Gear Solid 1 rocked the world when it came out, and Hideo Kojima became one of gaming’s most prominent figures along side MGS1, and here is the love letter to how much of an impact Metal Gear Solid had to the individuals who played it.

Let us know what future episodes you’d like to see, and what guests you hope to see on! And consider checking out our previous episodes on Dark Souls, Skyrim, and Final Fantasy VII!