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I Heart Dark Souls Extended

An extended episode of I Heart Dark Souls!

While Dark Souls isn't the first game in FromSoftware's now massively successful Soulsborne series, it was one of the most influential, spawning an entire genre of games influenced by its mechanics dubbed Souls-likes. Dark Souls has also gained passionate fans all around the globe. This is the story of Dark Souls, as told by those fans.

Join Adam Mason, Brad Ellis of Easy Allies, Caddicarus, Chris Morris, Dave Jewitt, DaveControl, Gav Murphy and Rory Powers of RKG, Super BunnyHop, HeyZeusHeresToast, Iron Pineapple, Jessie Gender, LobosJR, Lucy James and Tamoor Hussain of Giant Bomb, Marz, Otzdarva, Prod, Quelaag, and Sinclair and Sophie of SinclairLore as they tell the story of Dark Souls, and discuss the impact it had on both them and gaming.

The story of Dark Souls is told through though simple moments like finding shortcuts back to a bonfire in Undead Burg or Firelink Shrine, to the stunning moment when players first reach Anor Londo, to one of Dark Souls steepest challenges in the fight with Ornstein & Smough. The low moments like getting cursed in The Depths, to traversing the treacherous terrain of Blighttown are highlighted, all while leading to that rewarding feeling of overcoming an obstacle that at first felt insurmountable.

LobosJR sings one of his favorite tracks of the game with the Asylum Demon fight, while Marz, Super Bunnyhop, and Sophie sing the famous "pling pling plong" of Gwyn's theme. Meanwhile, some curse every moment they spent in PvP, while others share their favorite moments of low-level PvP runs with evil glee.

Enjoy an extended episode of I ❤️ Gaming with I ❤️ Dark Souls, and please consider watching our other episodes on Skyrim, Final Fantasy VII, Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil 4, and Red Dead Redemption 2!