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@ricardo-sene "... annihilating all, that dare stand in their way."

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What does he says between 1:03 and 1:08?

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Good thing the chick looks hot.

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I'm getting this as and when it releases,all cos of one thing... from 1:11 till the the end is what got me...

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Well, i really dislike dungeon crawlers and forest type areas, plus the characters and story seems very dry To conclude: I will pass :P

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if it's open like oblivion then i might get it but the characters seem pretty trite and boring.

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@Kastigador. Resident Gears of Oblivion sounds pretty t!t$ to me.

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I for one truly cannot wait for this game. If the world presented in this video, is as "open" and sandbox'esque as some of Bethesda's other titles, I imagine this new game will have hours of gameplayability straight out of the box.

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Yep, Resident Gears of Oblivion

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Yeah, I'm a little dubious. I'm going to bet the combat and camera is a bit clumsy.

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Hmm, not too hopeful on this one.

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It's full of freaky goodness!! I think I may just have to check it out! ;)

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''Then you know wher it leads?'' ''Ow, I hope not!'' Hahahaha XD

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Since it's a dungeon crawler and I dearly wish for these games to come back, this is going to be a day one buy for me. If it turns out good, which it looks like it will be, hopefully more developers will make games like this.

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Not my type

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While this game doesn't look bad - it just doesn't look like it's going to be anything special

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feels like Clive Barker for the atmosphere, but what of the gameplay?

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It reminds me of the first Diablo... But 3D.

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meh...i cant tell if i like it yet

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looks cool ill see how it turns out