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Nice to know there might be some funny parts. As long as they don't keep repeating what they say to the point where it gets annoying.

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@Neosword Yea since they didn't mention Inxile( on the left beneath box shot) in the vid ...i didn't catch tht...thx fr the info.

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@PenthiusX Bethesda isn't developing, they're just publishing. "Bethesda Studios" is the team working on Skyrim. "Bethesda Softworks" is the publishing side that's publishing both Hunted and Skyrim, among others.

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All i see at this point , is an unfinished game tht can be good if the Devs put in some effort. Is this really Bethesda? with Skyrim coming out i hope they are a different team that doesn't get sidetracked ,cus IMHO this doesn't look finished for a June release.

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I'm very excited for this game! It looks very promising :)

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Looks alright

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could be fun :)

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No doubt about it. this remains my coop most anticipated game of the year

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As I had expected, GameSpot's accolades are missing from this trailer. The other game sites have their tongues (or fingers) more easily loosened by hype.

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Looks very interesting. I just hope for a complex combat gameplay.

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this looks interesting but i just don't know if it will work