Hunted: The Demon's Forge - Forging a World Video

Go behind the scenes with the team at inXile Entertainment as it discusses making the world of Hunted, as well as the games level editor, crucible.

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a modern severance blade of darkness? cant wait

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More like Gears of War meet the dungeon crawler. Which is a good thing I guess.

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Dragon Age: Origins meets God of War

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The game will be good but let me tell you guyzzz killing demon sucksssss pretty badly coz all the time they just crawl on the wall and it makes me worse!:(

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It's better be good. Bethesda is promoting this one since months ago. I will check for sure because I like fantasy action adventures

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The graphics look quite good but imo there's too much brown and muddy greens and gray.

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Looks good, I think I'll pick it up.

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Looks pretty good. Hope it won't flop.

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We will see!!!

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I would love Rockstar to make a fantasy game, can you even imagine!

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This video has just got me very interested. Hopefully we'll finally be able to play a truly atmospheric fantasy game. I just wonder if it'll miss the single player side of things?

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looks very good

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ok the graphic it more fantasty than it most be i dont ,,say it bad,, and wooow u can edit levels in this game we can build own levels with own enemies and ... it is really awesome

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i like this really

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looking totally sick! can't wait!

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Who think this game is going to be really awesome.

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I don't see any way this game could fail...... Unless it becomes repetitive.

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Looks nice..