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So far this game looks like it could have a fun multi-player side but thats not saying much. Any game can be fun when you sit down and play it with a friend. Whether its thoroughly fun or just entertaining is the main factor. It doesnt look like anything spectacular, i dont mean graphics i mean the gears of war style monotone and the generic looking enemies and weapons/armour. Average at best so far.

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Right now I'd say this can go either way, but the concept has potential so I hope the game turns out well.

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the gameplay was the same thing over and over nd over lol

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Another game where the girl is a better warrior? WTF is going on with the people!!??

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The interviewer is a real dork, asks for 360 and ps3 availability without giving the PC platform any thought. Good thing Kaufman corrected him right away.

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love a good dungeon crawler!

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lack of new ideas,lack of new gameplay style,lack of bright color palette,lack of new visual design,LACK of money for games like this........Hunted:The SuckyBadAss...pff

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Who's the douche marking a thumbs down for all the positive comments? Can someone say "butt-hurt"? Sheesh. Anyways, this looks fun and exciting. Fantasy + Action combination is such a rare thing, especially on the PC. I'm rooting for this game to be good.

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you all need to remember its got the name bethesda on it! winner in my book hahah :)

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Game's going to be lackluster. That director puts me off so much, I will never play a game with Maxx Kaufman's name on it.

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Also, might I mention that the guy actually used the term "action packed thrill ride". That's like saying, "Well, it's pretty much (insert cliched PR term here)"

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The more talking a guy does about a game, the more you know it's going to suck. The guys that just put a controller in the reporter's hands, you know you've got something worth looking at. But this guy and pretty much every other developer and spokesperson, and *game director*, pretty much b.s. title anyway... they just feed you a line about "It's going to have cover modes, and swappable this-and-that, and you can level up and upgrade... pretty much this game is going to take every element of every game that sold well last year and sort of mash them all together... you know, instead of trying for something new and/or creative, we're just really counting on the consumer handing us a bunch of cash without asking any questions" Seriously, this game will suck. Look at it. It's like the developers really just sat around brainstorming and said, "Let's take that god guy from that god game, take off his warpaint to avoid copyright issues, and then add a sexy woman because hey, most people that play games are 14 year old males with social issues, right? right?"

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hack n' slash rules! Could have more characters... but still looks cool!

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Gears succeded mainly because its a couch co-op. Do the same.

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I want to play this!

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Looks like we got a winner :)

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Surely, with a name like Cocker in this day and age you'd change it...

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same scene over and over again, stills are same as scene as well. Not much to judge. so. we'll w8 n C.

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lookin good...

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I can"t wait for this game!

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This game is looking a lot better than I was expecting.

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Sweet I love Gauntlet. So this will be good.

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@Musambani If you are referring to this game, then please notice that at 3:20, Guy Cocker has mentioned clearly the game is only shown behind closed doors at E3 - meaning there isn't really new footage for this game yet. As for this video being related to the Xbox 360 version, it's just the result of the site designers having placeholders in the design for this webpage.

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@Musambani They are normally exactly the same.

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I'm getting sick of gaming footage always being based off of the 360 version and never the PS3 version. They never do PS3 footage unless the game was PS3 exclusive. It means we're looking at junk and not quality.