Hunted: The Demon's Forge Behind the Scenes - Call of the Forge

Go behind the scenes with the team at inXile Entertainment as they discuss the world of Hunted and the secrets the Demon's Forge holds.

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I am looking forward to this, mainly the co-op, but also a interest in what can be done in the player dungeon designs.

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@bamul Yes buddy, you are right. But atleast its under the Bethesda production. If game doesn't goes to the expectation, who do you blame? Bethesda not inxile.

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@devrindare Bethesda Softowrks aren't making this game, InXille are. Bethesda are only publishing it.

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I cannot wait to not buy this game! I absolutely cannot!

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The game looks good. Atleast Bethesda Softworks is the name enough to put trust over the game.