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camera:EPIC FAIL

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i like it :D

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not bad.the gameplay is intresting.

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i really want to like this game...but i havent seen any video which makes it appealing... graphics r so so...gameplay seems akward and clunky... compare that with what they are offering in Warhammer40k space marine...that seems preety good.. i got a feeling that this game would be a fail...

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Looks very promising!

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damn, only jun 1 :/

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The game LOOKS great. But way too linear and the combat would be hella frustrating for the ranged character with the tank in the way the whole time. Also, making a character stop and go through a buff animation everytime someone buffs you would be frustrating. ---Two cents.

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thats a tight ass.

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Looks like a pretty linear area... sounds boring, but it looks ok, at best, but that's me... looks like every enemy drops a weapon... hmmm, i guess that's cool, wished there was more going on than a couple enemies at once, but hopefully that will change as the game goes on...

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looks like a game that supposed to be a RPG, but strangely not

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i wanna this game!!!

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Friendly fire is off.

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@theslimdavylp lol, or Resident Gears of Oblivion

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beautiful, cant wait!

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Oh man... every thing looks great. Just wish it was more open world and not so tight corridor path gameplay.

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Sweet, Gears of Oblivion :D

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the graphics are good but the game play is to boring

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The environment graphics seem a bit dated and the gameplay is the typical hack n slash and this story is told a thousand times...Nothing really interesting for me, from what I see...

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looks really good,decent graphics,i hope the gameplay speeds up a bit though

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it's looking a bit lazy it has to be sad.

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WTF what she say? The B word?

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It seems to be a good game and also with good graphics

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@ paulosouza I was really looking forward to this game but after seeing this trailer, I agree with you pretty much completely. The game play actually looks pretty anemic and having a character float above a corpse is not really acceptable by today's gaming standards, imho. I'll check back with you after the reviews are in--but I'm pretty sure that your impressions are spot on.

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looks very good

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nice bum

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Hummm.. i like it i like it alot!

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The game definately has a gears of war style to it, seems entertaining.

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looks good.

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Amazing idea, great graphics, decent sound. Sadly, I've seen enough games that promise this much to be fooled again. Trust me, horrible camera, clumsy controls (seems worse than RE 5 which has a purpose on having those controls), really bad physics engine (look at the Warrior "floating" above the skeleton's corpse and the overall attacks), and repetitive gameplay will definitely give this a 6-7 score. Don't try to copy RE 5 when you don't have great gameplay mechanics to back it up. Also, for the flamers, we talk again when the review comes next year and Gamespot says exactly what I've said.

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Is it going to be co-op only? :/

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wow that is one sexy elf chick... oh and the game looks great :)

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WOW!!! This game looks amazing!

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Seems to have nice controlls and such. Although footsteps sound is kinda not right, and has some go right through flaws... Hope that will be arranged, seems to be a promising one :)

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"Over here you bastard!" hahahahh

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Looks great from a first and distant glance, let's just hope it's not a let down...

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It looks like it might be good.

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@ tobelight I had to watch this with sound turned off, but my guess is that the warrior is not AI and it could possibly be another player since it is a coop game..

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Demon souls two!? cool!!

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@furryfrump Because people like playing games with their friends. I would still buy none the less though. I am glad the magic has a pretty good visual aspect to it, so its not just wave hand and a little box appears near the health bar telling me I have a stat increase.

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i lyk the way she toks this cat's got a whip..MEOW!!

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Certainly not a bad idea. It'll appeal to a good few peeps (Gears mashed with the RPG). But right now, hell right now I'm more impressed with Quantum Theory!

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looks like the archer doesn't get much of a chance to fight.

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interesting stuff I don't care much for co op play but so far the game seems to be worth a look through...

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Seems nice

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Why are people obsessed with co op so much?

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That elf is sexy and the game looks even better

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Coop Fantasy game, count me in!

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