Hunted: The Demon's Forge - At War With Monsters Video

Go behind the scenes with the team at inXile Entertainment as it discusses the enemies in the game.

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I wish those 2 characters were in Gears of War 3

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ive got a feeling that this game is going to be really popular

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i cant wait for this game, its gonna be great, ive pre-ordered it already and im going to be playing it for a long time.

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is it online co-op, or do we need two controllers on pc ?

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This game looks like its going to be good can't wait till it comes out got this and the witcher 2 pre ordered and ready to go. Bring on the rpgs.

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God this game looks epic. I can't wait. First day buy for me.

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already pre-ordered... picking it up and playing until my hands drop so i can go into ALICE and DUGEON SIEGE III :) great years for RPGs, horror lovers :)

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This is my type of game, looks awesome i'm definietly getting it :)