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can't wait, this game better be good...

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It does look really glitchy though.

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This game is not one of those you hit me, I hit you is it?

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Wow, a good looking version of dragon age where you actually control the combat?

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That sword "fatality" at 1:05 was freaking awesome!

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Perhaps they are still working on the invisible quiver but all in all so far it looks good and fun. Of course most people will wait for a rating but since this is the first time I ever knew that this game was being made I might keep coming back to it to check out it's status.

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She didn't have a quiver, the arrows were appearing out of thin air. Although she was also using "magic", so whatever haha.

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Hope there's a choice of camera cos from that angle you can't see whats on your left and they could have shown us a bit more action than shooting a few arrows at corpses. Graphics look nice. Not convinced by this video but i'll keep tabs on it.

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I never liked OTS view...It doesn't allow me to concentrate.It's like walking straight and looking to the right.

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The graphics look nice, but the gameplay has a tint of boredom; monsters materializing out of thin air is not frightening at all.

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hummmmmmmmm!!! looks and it seems to be good

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looks good but where was she getting the arrows from?

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loking forward to it

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This game looks real nice!

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online guys???looks awesome!! online or not ill play anyway!!

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Epic, looks like Demon's Souls art with Resident Evil 5 gameplay. I like it a lot. :)

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is this game coming for the ps3 move

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Looks interesting :)

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Looks awesome.

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they could have showed a better vid than this...loks boring as hell from this..

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very nice... although this game deserves a split-screen

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What if it could be a 2 player coop game? Looks very nice. I shall place it on my wishlist.

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This will sneak up and be a great game come next year. It is looking fun as hell.