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Points i do not like

-Shooting down Horten 229 with bomber turret machine guns (LOL) those things were faster than the Me262 which ground AA and bomber turrets could not hit as it was way too fast.

- AI seems slow, confused or idiotic at times

- I dont like how the same back stab animation played with the guy wearing the Tesla pack lol he even grabbed the Tesla beam rod wtf.

- Seems to have lots of scripted events that will happen the same way at the same spot on every playthrough.

- I will miss the MP40, STG44 and the Tommygun (you know those cool WW2 weapons)

What i like

- The guns seem to have some weight to them with the awesome recoil and sound its one of the main things you need to make a good shooter

- The graphics look fantastic i love ID tech engines

- Blood gore and more blood! what ID games are known for lol.

- It seems to have a story with strong characters (never was the point of ID games but come on its a bonus!)

- Skill points system to give the game some depth and sense of progression i will enjoy it.

Ps. i hope they dont kill Deaths head that guy needs to be in every wolfenstein game.

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Wolfenstein holds a major Nostalgic value for me. Hope this one does not disappoint.

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I think it still looks way, way too scripted to be described as "old school" but hopefully it's just the promo stuff they've chosen to show off, since apparently marketing a game is all about showing off cut scenes and scripted events. Lack of a modkit is also bad news bears for PC players.

On the plus side it'll come with access to the Doom 4 beta. And might not suck.

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I remember the original Wolfenstein giving me a headache when I tried to play it.

The A.I. seems...I dunno. That one guy seemed to move to avoid a grenade, then walked right back into it.