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I was rather disheartened to see that I took all this time making characters and selecting what class I want them to be, and then the game makes it so that it randomly selects the character's class after their first promotion. Very, very frustrating.

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@aegis_kleais: There's a simple way to get the class you want. You build the Guerilla Tactics School and then you've got an option to train rookies as whatever class you wish. One at a time, and it takes 5 days, but after that you'll have a squaddie of whatever class you like.

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@aegis_kleais: Yep you pretty much have to wait and customize a character after the computer decides. I think it does this to keep the difficulty high. They would rather you not be able to create whatever team you want so easily. This game is very modifiable though, I could see someone "fixing" that.