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How The Witcher 3's Gwent Was Made

We sat down with Gwent's co-creator, Rafal Jaki, to talk about how the CCG was made and its future.

When The Witcher 3 first released in 2015, Gwent seemed like a simple diversion from the RPG's overwhelming amount of things to do and see. The collectible card game soon became a fan favorite, however, and there was demand for more. Now, Gwent is transitioning from game within a game to standalone CCG in its own right, with an official release fast approaching. But as it turns out, Gwent was almost cut from The Witcher 3 entirely.

We spoke to the co-creator of Gwent, CD Projekt Red's Rafal Jaki, about how the game came to be. In the video above, he explains how he and fellow designer Damien Monnier had spent quite some time developing prototypes of a card game that could fit into the Witcher universe. The team wasn't impressed at first, and the card game was almost shelved entirely. That was only half the battle.

Gwent has come a long way since it was first pitched. The standalone version of Gwent has been in public beta for over a year, and its rules have evolved from the version you can play in The Witcher 3. Most notably, it will also include a single-player campaign. Called Thronebreaker, the mode stars a war veteran and queen named Meve and will feature an open overworld that you can explore in between matches.

Gwent (with Thronebreaker) is set to officially release later this year on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. You can currently play it in beta form. In other CD Projekt Red news, we now know a lot more about the studio's next RPG, Cyberpunk 2077.

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Pick an old card game called "War" (or whatever it is you call in your country), where the essence of the game is to beat your opponent with cards having a higher value (e.g., Queen beats Jack or 10 beats 9). Add some stuff from Yu-Gi-Oh! type card games (like area affect cards) and you have a new game called Gwent.

Well, at least that's my opinion.

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This game sucked

Avatar image for JIMDOG4442002

Gwent was much better on the actual Witcher 3 game.

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@JIMDOG4442002: Gwent in TW3 was very unbalanced (spies!) and repetitive.

Avatar image for JIMDOG4442002

@Vojtass: Maybe from a multiplayer perspective yeah. I would have even accept it upon first release, but they dumbed it down too much killed off too many cards.

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@JIMDOG4442002: No, Gwent in TW3 is objectively unbalanced. You can the same strategy over and over again and you will win. This is not how the game should look. But TW3 Gwent is just a mini game inside a game, so it doesn't need to be perfectly balanced. Standalone Gwent - now that's different story.

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@Vojtass: How can you honestly say that now after they nerffed all of the cards making them feel useless. The game now is all about who can set up the best combinations, meh.

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@JIMDOG4442002: lol

Avatar image for JIMDOG4442002

@smashthestars: Lol

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I love CD Red some of the best developers around , but Gwent went from fun to boring in the beta. played it up until release where i just couldnt feel for it anymore.

Avatar image for Vojtass

@ormgaard: Gwent hasn't been released yet. CDPR is making massive overhaul (at least that's what they're saying) which will have premiere with ver. 1.0 around Q4.

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I played the beta Gwent for about a week recently and got to something like 2200+ MMR. Pretty cool game. Can't help but imagine what it would have been like if they had shipped TW3 with the Gwent developed to something close to the standalone game. Would have been amazing.

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@DLuf: The standalone game is pretty unbalanced and the developers had to extend the beta time cause they honestly don't know how to balance it. It was fun at the start of the closed beta but as it went on play styles become more constricted, nerfs and changing of card abilities hurt it.

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I wouldn't mind a for real table top version

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@smashthestars: there is a great gwent mod for tabletop simulator

Avatar image for smashthestars

@nibbin1191: Yeah but I would want all of them. Some one on reddit had all the images of all the gwent cards for you to print out yourself if you desired, but I would love to have the real thing.

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@smashthestars: There are four factions - special edition of every expansion had two decks.

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@nibbin1191: Methinks these kind of games don't work unless an accessible and reliable supply chain is established. You wouldn't know that, of course. ?